People registered but not actually present should not be able to rank

I registered for the field test, had every intention of going but in the end was unable to participate. You can't unregister, but I still played during the time frame of the event.

I ranked in multiple categories even though I never went. I was unable to get the badge of course, but I feel like this is extremely unfair for people who are there and trying to rank and having to compete with people who aren't actually there.

Please make it a requirement to hack at least one of the play box portals in order to rank at all in any category.


  • It seems that everyone that registered counted to determine the 10% for the elite badge, which skewed it further. Even if they didn't play, it just having their name there made it easier for folks to get an elite badge. Would be nice to see this system updated to automatically change the participant list when the check in window closes and only found those that hacked the registration portal.

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