Feature Request - Show number of points on portals

LandelerenLandeleren ✭✭
edited September 2019 in App Feedback (Archive)

I suggest adding a feature that will show how many resonator points a portal has, and how many points the portal needs to gain or lose a level. It is true that I could do this in my head, but I'm really slow at adding numbers together, and this would help me out a lot.

It would work like this: if I put resonators on an uncaptured gray portal, say 4 resonators in the layout:

6/6/5/5 / (0/0/0/0)

The portal information will say: Portal level 2, 22 points. 2 points to next level.

Similarly, if I look at an enemy portal, say a portal with a


layout, it would say: Level 5 portal. 41 points, -2 points to previous level. If I manage to pop one of those resonators, then numbers will flash showing how many points the portal has lost,

The points don't need to be as big as the portal level. But, I love to use my resonators as efficiently as possible, and this change would help me do that easier.

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