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Hi Niantic,

i attended the Ipswich field test today and despite running for the whole event registered less than 3km required for the badge. I’d like to appeal this decision. My IGN is Tinderbiscuit.

Despite managing #1 for hacks and #5 for resonators deployed I have no medal because the distance tracking failed. You can see that in my health app (screenshotted moments after the end) that my actual distance is near 12km. The way I achieved #1 hacks wasn’t by using mods, but by covering more ground and getting to more portals.

I know how distance tracking works in ingress. You perform actions on corners. Hack, fire bursters, drop an item, recharge a portal. I made sure to do all those things and keep moving to cover the most ground, disregarding resonator positions. Keep moving, keep hacking, keep deploying. I was hoping to hit elite in 3 categories.

I ran (carefully) for the full 90 minutes whilst playing. Many other agents can attest. Wes79, haslegs, Panna100, rockcandy, Dittosaur (and more) can confirm.

I’ve posted to the Twitter support page here: https://twitter.com/tinderbiscuit/status/1172903702530863104?s=21

I’m totally gutted not to receive an acknowledgment for the event. It’s like running a half marathon and not even receiving a time. Is there anything that you could possibly do?


  • I would like to piggyback this and say that myself and my partner BadWolf2014 also did the same, running almost all of it (in particular, visiting all media portals as well as many others, and registering over 8km in our phones tracker thing - I believe Tinderbiscuit’s said 12km). If you look at all 3 of our activity logs to see what portals we hit, you will definitely see well over 3km walked for all of us. Please can you see what can be done? Thank you :)

  • Yup, BadWolf2014 here. I would have attached my phone tracker data and score attached here for reference, which shows my distance between 3pm-4pm45 is 7.9km, but the website wouldn’t let me. I understand that scanner register walking distance differently, but surely even the direct straight line distance between all the media artifact portals would be longer than that, plus I had the last half hour running around hacking everything...

  • Hi Tinderbiscuit,

    Here is your counterpart from Stuttgart. Same situation, #1 in hacks, and only 2.83km counted. I was told in the local forum that there might be a cut-off limit of 6km/h to count (which, by the way, is not mentioned anywhere, afaik).

    I feel your frustration. It's just what I can say. But the most relevant is: "Runners For the Win!" Hope you enjoyed the event as I did, despite the outcome in terms of medal granting.



  • I just wanted to say a massive thank you to Niantic for listening to our feedback and frustrations and responding. Thank you for pushing our badges and ensuring that we get the correct tier! Please keep up the fantastic work!

    All the best,

    Tinderbiscuit :)

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