Thank you for FT


As an Orga (not POC😀) for Field Test Bydgoszcz I would like to thank Niantic for giving us an opportunity to enjoy ourselves during this event! Because of easy to achieve challenges we were able to complete them fast and have time to get to know each other as community.

Unfortunatelly because of problems with Prime, some our agents were not able to complete 3 km requirement. It crashed or even didn't want to work, often froze on black screen. Those who doesn't have access to Redacted were unable to play.

If there is a possibility to check if they did complete challenges but Prime didn't count them correctly, please Niantic, consider doing it.

Once again, thank you for Field Test. See you at next event!


  • Ingress prime during all event have problems with hacking, deploying resonators and mods. There was few times when. I needed to **** app when it freeze. Then app won't want to get up, so I needed to force stop app from setting panel.

  • I can confirm black screen. Ingress Prime logo and after it nothing - black screen. Killing app didn't help.

  • Hi.

    Although I was able to complete all assignments, I need to say that I had to use Redacted most of the time. I have even filmed Prime "gameplay" and it included following:

    - stuck on loading

    - not displaying Portals

    - lags on hacking (including glyphing)

    - being unable to fire XMP4 while being at level 14 (Agent level is too low)

    - scanner comminication error

    After force-closing Prime and quickly logging back to Redacted all worked fine.

    I have both Prime and Redacted gameplays stored, things which took about a minute on Prime (and mostly failed) were done successfully on Redacted in about 15 seconds.

    Outcome: Prime with the most recent version was still unplayable, while Redacted worked fine. Disabling Redacted might take us back to early stages of the game and will become a root cause of many problems for all Agents.

    Both gameplays are available on a request, just let me know.

  • Playing at Prime during the event was a ****, it was good that at least Redacted worked, but what about all those who had no chance to play Redacted? The worst part of the event was that you couldn't log in to the game, black screen, "Error loading data", just a shock.

    Maybe give people a medal checking the trekker for those who did a lot of kilometers but counted less than 3 km?

  • My 2 cents.

    First of all - gameplay was not consistent. While I was able to start on Prime (the same as my mates - we were moving in a group of three), it stopped working for all of us. Mine was working longest, it took probably 20 minutes before I had to switch to Redacted. I was trying to move back to Prime (I'm on Android 10, so I didn't want to risk the ban...), but even when Prime was up, interaction with portals was not possible. However it started to work after about 45 minutes from event start and I was able to finish event Prime only without any more crashes.

    btw. Trekker was calculated shitty. 15 minutes before end of event I was still missing 700m, while my mates (we did the same path trough the event) had ~4300m and ~3900m counted...

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