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14.09.2019 Russia, Voronezh. Statistics began to work about 40 minutes before the end of the event, because of this, some tasks were not counted to me. A similar problem was faced by a number of players who attended the event in Voronezh. My nickname is NikramVRN. I was with Agent hexeplayer. We are inactive players, so at the start of the event the statistics of the week was 0. In the week tab we have statistics for the time of the event, screenshots are attached

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    The same issue happened for a lot of people in Kolkata !

    The stat count just stopped a good 30-45 minutes before the end of the event. So while my profile recorded the data, the leaderboard data was not updated. Only 2 of the agents (who completed their requirements earlier than that) here got their badges whereas many of the agents, who have the requisite stat requirements in the ingress profile didn't get a badge as the leaderboard wasn't updated. When I raised a ticket a support, they closed it without discussion letting me know that they can't manually update stats.

    I have my prime as before and after the event but don't know how to upload them here. Can anyone help?

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