Agent Stats copy to clipboard is a joke.

How is this in anyway helpful??? Bring back the full stat page screenshot.

Time Span Agent Name Agent Faction Date (yyyy-mm-dd) Time (hh:mm:ss) Lifetime AP Current AP Unique Portals Visited Portals Discovered Seer Points XM Collected OPR Agreements Distance Walked Resonators Deployed Links Created Control Fields Created Mind Units Captured Longest Link Ever Created Largest Control Field XM Recharged Portals Captured Unique Portals Captured Mods Deployed Resonators Destroyed Portals Neutralized Enemy Links Destroyed Enemy Fields Destroyed Max Time Portal Held Max Time Link Maintained Max Link Length x Days Max Time Field Held Largest Field MUs x Days Unique Missions Completed Hacks Glyph Hack Points Longest Hacking Streak



  • One question... is it safe to use this website? or the app?

  • if you do not want to use you can also just past into a Google Sheet / Excel page and build your own nice statistic page. Automate it with PowerBI and you‘ll have the best statistics page that you could wish for.

  • They literally worked with the Agent Stats developer to make this copy and paste method and it's much more simple than taking a screenshot and uploading it to their system and then having to delete the screen shot.

  • I think it's great because text is faster and far more efficient than needing to upload a long image (the screenshot file size can also get pretty huge depending on the resolution of your phone screen, I think). Uploading images can take a while in less-than-ideal situations whereas text never takes more than a couple seconds

    They're the people whom Niantic worked with to come up with this iteration

  • All great points except I want to share stats to Facebook and in telegram and other places other than agent-stats. The screenshot works for all of that.

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    Are you sure? This is quote from ToS of

    The operator of this service is not affiliated to Niantic Inc, nor is the service-connected to the services of Niantic.

    You use it on your own risk. I don't recommend log in or upload any profile info to websites like this, especially from your official Google account.

  • It would be nice if they had the screenshot option side by side with this export tool.

  • This would be a nice option. You can’t share stats to anything other than agent-stats as it is now.

  • Some phones have a built-in scrolling screenshot feature, but as expected not all apps support that. Redacted version of Ingress did a good job using offscreen rendering buffer to make screenshots, but Prime does not do that yet. Maybe Unity framework doesn't support that?

    Anyway, Prime should be made fully compatible with the "scrolling screenshot" that some (many?) phones do. As it is now, I'm lucky if my Huawei P20 Pro get halfway through the scrolling before stopping. Most of the time it just doesn't start the rolling animation at all, claiming the app does not support it.

    Please, Niantic, if you don't (or can't) implement old style screenshot sharing like Redacted did, at least support the solutions many phones have for taking scrolling screenshots on their own...

  • I think it's great that they added this, it's just not useful for stat sharing in chats.

    It's easier to paste and process your stats to agentstats though as it is hard data that doesn't have to be checked, you can also directly paste this into things like a google sheet which makes administering stats for things like local competitions easier.

  • Its nice feature, just implementation is very bad... If I was doing it I would create JSON string, that could be consumed by any of reporting sites.

    At the moment agent-stats is only site fully supported, but the-grid people are already working on their solution (1st phase of solution already working).

    Lets hope that when you do the export, that language used is always english, because if it isn't, then any importer will fail to work.

  • I am web developer (java), so I have a little bit of experience with such things and using TSV or CSV is not the way I would go, especially if columns/values can change (and they get internationalized).

    While json would require each site (Agent - stats, the-grid, etc) to implement this, implementation would be much easier and much harder to break. If they change one of the texts for one of values, the whole thing stops working.

    I know its easier for Agent-stats because you already had such import, but I imagine other sites that would use this don't.

    And yes using screenshots and then OCRing them is worst solution possible, but I think that in Redacted that was only option to get the data...

  • From my perspective I would love to have a JSON, thats what I‘ve mentioned to Niantic, but not all are developers, so they decided to go with a TSV.

    As I said, its a compromise of different options.

    Also, we had to rewrite our importer, its nothing that worked out of the box :)

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