How was your Field Test: Hexathlon?

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How was your Field Test: Hexathlon? Let's comment.

Official event description page:


  • Police every were.

  • I was running a total of 9 km, registered 4km to my trekker and hexatlon had only 2.5. I did 288 hacks, 177 registered. I got 82 glyph points, but only 7 registered! This is nonsense! Only two people got the medal here because stats weren't recorded properly

  • So right now Niantic proofed so far, Prime doesn't pass a small Anomaly stress test, seeing the feedback coming in from the different sites and agents.

    I really hope there will be a second field test, once the redacted is switched off and before the anomaly in october, to confirm the server is really running faster and there is no more issue, to give the agents an assurance the 15$ to attend the anomaly will be in the end not wasted.

  • I saved my statistics minute before the event started, did nothing and game stats differ from event stats

  • Did not read any stats properly. Deployed over 200 mods it only registered 148. Over 5 km walked. Registered only 1.2. used redacted exclusively.

  • At least y'all got your monies worth.

  • And actually now looking at my stats, they are way off on the other aspects too. I came to field test with 750 resonators, deployd all of them including the new ones I got from the glyph hacks and used one old anomalies very rare prep pack.

    I just realized I have agent stats from yesterday and it shows I did deploy 1200 resonators (at least 1000 of those were during the field test event), deployed over 200 mods (all during the field test) so it seems that those field test stats are only from half of the test.

  • I was planning on using Prime during the field test in Stuttgart. However, after around 15 minutes I was unable to deploy and had to close Prime and switch to Redacted. (Which made all the recycling in between very stressful, by the way - I think once prime manages to keep up with the heavy load on a day like this, it holds potential to be rather practical for fast action)

    I haven't really checked if there were differences between what I did and what I got. Sometimes the kilometres didn't count right away but the amount counted in the e mail sounds realistic for me. Also the media didn't update right away. I haven't checked the other scores that exactly because they just happened while I walked into some direction without knowing where I'm going. I'll have another look within the next days.

    The event itself was surprisingly encouraging. I thought due to the lack of team play and the lack of a "common enemy" it might end up without any of the excitement. But actually seeing your scores live and trying to make it and get even better was great itself, too.

  • Agree with Jarokki. All of us thought the Prime counting was not working properly so we counted everything ourselves towards the screenshots we took before 15:15. Then Prime crashed, I was not able to open it. Many of us had the requirements done when counting started 15:57. I really really hope that the results could be taken again from the announced time slot 15:15-16:45. Me and my friend walked the same route, used redacted and same phone model, she got the trekker and medal, mine was 300 m short. Does not feel very fair. Oulu was a nice city to try this kind of event.

  • A complete and utter failure from Niantic and a massive waste of the community's organizing efforts and agents' goodwill. All of the nice agents gathered in Oulu, Finland did not deserve this kind of treatment.

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    St. Pete was great until Hurricane Humberto rain bands hit. At that point it was only about 35-40 minutes in and glyphing was impossible on prime and redacted, so I just held my phone upside down so water couldn't tap the screen and walked for km. It didn't last too long though and once my phone was dry we were good. Prime was only unusable for me for about 30 minutes but I don't know if it is because it my screen was too wet to register anything or Niantic. Overall it was a lot of fun. I feel bad for people that didn't pay attention to their stats and missed the medal. There should be an "I Tried" medal.

  • I went to Stuttgart for the Field Test. After getting the map of artefact portals in Stuttgart I chose to start in one end of the playbox then work my way through the playbos and after that into the centre of Stuttgart. Starting with prime hacking the first artifact portal worked fine, also a few other portals in-between before getting to the second artefact portal. That is where the problems began. Not being able to hack, glyphing just locking up, restarting ending in a black screen. I have had a small problem with Prime already a few hours ago where I got the message something was wrong with the account when trying to log in which I was able to solve by forcing Prime to shut down. With my Field Test goal in mind relying on hacking a lot of portals and the required 6 challenges to perform I decided to abandon Prime and start Redacted again after 2 weeks. This didn't fail me even once until finishing 90 minutes later with #2 in hacks and close to Elite in 3 other challenges.

    I like Prime. It looks fresh and has lots of little improvements, and I have been using it exclusively in my daily gameplay during the last 2 weeks, getting used to play quickly from the bus, it just seemed to be not ready for the Field Test. I kept the browser open on the personal stats page and was able to track the progress which near the end seemed to be stuck for a bit.

    In general the event format of Field Test was fun. Putting a time and distance pressure on makes it dynamic, a bit like a Goruck challenge. On the other hand I felt a bit zombie like walking through the city most of the time watching the phone because of non-stop gameplay happening.

  • Was in Oulu, Finland. Walked to every of 10 media-portal to obtain all 10 possible type of artefact. Measure by line distance between mediaportals in Google Earth Pro was 2.7km - so walking on streets between them give me more than 5km according to the tracker badge. FT stats says that I have only 2.26km. The same with every other category. Using only Prime till the final 10minutes while Prime become unable to login. Restarted Prime few times to avoid glyphing glitch. The Prime itself crashed only once - right before "your FT starts now, go!" push-notification. Get no medal which was very sad to me as I known for huge fraker user and even bought FT pack and some mods ingame to qualify for corresponding category.

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    Hi pals,

    As other people say my statistic didn't match the portal I hacked and some other stuff. It disappoint me a little. Also the prime scanner crashed a few times, losing a lot of the anomaly time: your credentials cannot be loaded, there's no secure connection, error to charge the map in the scanner, or once loaded the data I wasn't able to hack or deploy... I spend more time trying to log in my account and restarting Prime Scanner than playing the Hexathlon.

    The human factor and watching that I was not the only one with this problems relax me a bit. And I had a great time with other agents.

    I think the real value of the game is the human experience: meeting players around the world and enjoy a good chat, telling us experiences and all that stuff. But the Prime Scanner cannot works poorly. I know, there's too much to improve to allow Redacted Scanner users have the same functions on Prime. Bugs got to be fixed and in the meantime I can only use Redacted.

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    My conclusion, i enjoy meeting people and I had a great time, even I couldn't get the medal for technical problems. But Niantic need to improve to avoid all that bittersweet experiences. I know that they also have Harry Potter: Wizards Unite as Pokemon Go. But they have to keep on with Ingress Prime Scanner and players as well.

  • Overall I had fun but here are a few things.

    1. The rules weren't really clear about some aspects.
      1. Percentile ranking. It wasn't clear prior to seeing the leader board as to whether the goal was to go beyond the minimum or to get the minimum the fastest. At least in my interpretation.
      2. In particular the artifact media could be hacked multiple times which was an unknown. I ran to all of the ten highlighted portals expecting to get 10 unique artifacts but when I looked at the leader board I saw that there were individuals with many more than that. I wasted a lot of time running around to each of those portals.
      3. Walk 3km. I would say at most half of the participants walked. I know I walked/jogged to every artifact portal and I still didn't get into the 10th percentile.
    2. Gaming the system. If there is another field test that has the same or similar goals it will be very easy for someone to hit the top of challenges by doing the minimum on the other goals and just sitting on one portal for the rest of the event. Maybe include a mission that must be completed that cannot be driven and takes a significant amount of time.

    I was in the St. Petersburg, FL event and I think there were something like a 100 people signed up with 70 participating. I know I drove two hours to be there and there were others that traveled quite a bit more. The weather was hot and muggy and then we had a torrential down-pour right in the middle of the event. Everyone seemed cordial from what I could tell.

    Even with all I mentioned above I look forward to participating in another one of. I relish the idea of new aspects to the game as one who has been playing ever since it was available for the iPhone.

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