Some thoughts and suggestions on Field Test

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Prime issues notwithstanding, I really enjoyed the event. It was something different and having different tasks to complete was considerably more interesting that just getting AP or just doing missions.


The automated registration, the push notification of the start, live scores, local leaderboard, immediate results when the event was over and (almost) immediate pushing of the badges worked well. it was also a great xfac social gathering. The time required for the task was about right. Most people seemed to have about 30 min to spare at the end.


There were obvious issues with Prime which I guess will be ironed out. The live stats were a little slow to update at times, then got much slower towards the end. Hopefully that can be fixed in future.


It would be great if the automated registration, live individual results, local leaderboard, automated end of event stats and near-immediate badge pushing could be implemented for events like IFS without POCs having to manually record, check and submit results. I understand that global results and bonus AP would still take time to process.

I don't know what technical requirements there would be, but being able to include at least the individual live stats in the app would be beneficial. This might be possible in future with Prime.

A Hexathlon-like event with different metrics each time would be an interesting semi-regular event in itself, sitting somewhere between IFS and MD in terns of difficulty and frequency. Perhaps events like this could be run 3-4 times a year with a tiered badge. It may be possible for the application process to be streamlined.

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