Problems playing ingress prime, scaner redacted during an event.

Good day dear managers Niantic. I've been playing ingress for almost 5 years. I love your game and constantly attend events with my wife related to ingress. My nickname @EugeneBaxter, nick wife @Raba24. We have come a long way in 1000 km by car, especially for the event "Field tests" in the city of Irkutsk in Russia. In the first hour after the start of the event we started having bags with the scanner redacted and ingress Prime. Could not go in game, able to crack portal, establish resonator and fashion. Reinstalled both versions of the game 3 times, rebooted phones (we have iphone 8). Because of what we could not fulfill the minimum for a medal in the "Field Test". Agents in Novosibirsk and Voronezh had similar problems. My wife and I were 500 meters short of the line "Kilometers walked". We constantly walk collect banners, play, I walk 25,000-40,000 steps a day in ingress. Please give us a medal of any status. We really hope so!

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