Bug: Nearby portals are not the closest. Some > 50km

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Between my location Moordrecht Nederland and 'De berendans' in Middelburg Nederland are 10.000 portals.

Additional info. I have a key of 'De berendans' portal and i am the one who submitted the portal.

This is when i am moving from Gouda Nederland to Waddinxveen Gouda, both cities have hundreds of portals and between the shown portals located at the Wilhelminapier in Rotterdam and my location are hundreds of closer portals.

Additional info. I have Keys of both portals and have resonators placed in them.

Extra additional info. At both times i had keys of portals submitted and captured by me that where only 2km away from my locations.



  • Hi,

    There are still some weird duplicates in 2.37.2:

    By the way, they are quite close portals, but a number of portals, that are closer and whom I don't have keys are still missing.

    In abov pictures, I have keys of both displayed far portals, so the information is completly useless (I may open my inventory to get the same information)

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    I reported on a similar situation, where portals near my home town (150 or more km away) were showing as "nearby" but missions indicated there were several portals 10k away or closer.

    Recycling the keys to the not-actually-nearby portals did not change anything.

    Sometimes closing and restarting, or uninstalling and reinstalling the game helps, but not for long.

    I reported this through in-game help as well, but I never received any response at all. Not even the canned tech support message.

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