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  • I would like to add that i had the same issues in Ames as well. My trekker said I went 3km, my official stats said otherwise. Below are screenshots of the before, (Redacted) after (prime) and the official standing email. I think it's absurd that someone who got 5th in deployment does not get a medal. I affirm that Prime is NOT anomaly ready in this state.

  • The Niantic agent who said it was not possible to correct the badge issue was probably correct ... they don't have access. But someone does, and it should be fixed.

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    They can absolutely make the medal, or technically a different one but visually identical, redeemable by a single use passcode that can be pushed to anyone who hacked the check in portal but didn't complete because Prime crashed.

  • I also participated in Birmingham and had a blast. I accomplished elite in 2 categories but I received no badge as my trekker did not compute correctly.

  • Another trekker casualty here. My other teammates used Redacted and got theirs. I used PRIME and suffer without it. Would have gotten elite too. Niantic and their collective incompetence is absolutely absurd.

  • Me and my boyfriend went to Cádiz event. Our group have 9 agents. After trying 1 hour use the Ingress Prime, we have to use Redacted too. The Ingress Prime simply do not works. Our group is always together. By the end of the event, we do not have updates and didn't know if we manage all the objectives, but we stay all the time together walking. The trekker do not update for 1 agent. 8 agents receive the medal but one of us didn't. It's not fair for the agent. NIA should give him the medal, it's NIA fault, not the agent. He do 1000km to go to the event. It's just shameful. NIA - SHAME ON YOU. Do the right thing and give the medals to the agents, they do all the objectives.

  • Well, I am sure that this is not the first event in which things went wrong, and it will not be the last event in which things will go wrong.

    Players spent a lot of time and effort during the field tests today. However, they are left alone, without a response or a proper solution. And, unfortunately, without a reward for their efforts.

    I think it is not impossible to provide a solution for the bad outcomes of the event. Either is a code you have to enter to receive the right medal (normal/elite), recalculating the stats/results of the event or whatever. Doing nothing about it is just bad.

    I am waiting patiently for a response here. I understand that a solution perhaps cannot be provided immediately, but I am sure it is not an impossible thing to do to work on a solution which is acceptable for the players.

    Basically, I really enjoy the game. However, as others pointed out as well, I am leaving the event with a very frustrating experience. And, if there is no acceptable solution provided to this important matter for us, I might leave the game with other players.

    So, I think it is really crucial to react and respond to all the players in here and don't try to ignore their comments and feelings about the event. Please, listen to us and help us. Provide us with answers and a solution.

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    How was the Field Test in Irkutsk (Russia). Lags.

    Suspicions for lags and glitches began even with the hack of the reg portal, some players popped up an error. Prime did not start immediately. At the start of the game itself, at 15:15 (16:45 it ended) in local time, Prime simply died: resonators, mods did not deploy, weapons did not work, Prime himself occasionally crashed. The same thing happened in Novosibirsk and Voronezh. So the players were tormented for 20-30 minutes, restarted Prime, reinstalled Prime, then everyone switched together on Redacted, and lo and behold, everything worked there and oddly counted the statistics, although before the start of the game they said that it would only be counted in Prime. And then Prime himself came to his senses and it seemed like all the rules began to work. But the sediment remained, I did not receive the medal (400 meters were not enough for Trekker). People from Krasnoyarsk and Ulan-Ude came to play in Irkutsk to play at the lags.

    spidolo, 14 lvl, enlightened.

  • Dear Niantic,

    Yesterday i traveled from my town to Bydgoszcz in Poland, i done 200km to get ther and same ammount to go back. I was walking with my friend on Field Test, he made 3.6 km (that what showed on the end) and i made 2.93km, we walked like 5km, that what i see from tracker count. I made all the things to get the badge but i didnt got it becouse your game Prime and Redacted was crashing like crazy. I wasted afford and money to help you on Field Test and didnt get the badge. It is very sad and annoying when somthing like that happens and i hope you will give me the badge that i deserve for.


  • Ipswich UK.

    This was the first time I've used Prime for an extended period. Started off by doing a set of banner missions, was initially impressed with how Prime highlights the next portal and was getting used to the interface. Then Prime crashed. Had to stand at side of road with minutes ticking down to the start of the field test, cleared cache, cleared everything, completely re-installed.... nothing.

    Gave up on the last two missions and went to the start portal. Eventually managed to get in to Prime. It was so slow! Crashed again a couple of times. Grey portals still really hard to see. Still hard to see difference between mods (sorry for deploying aegis shield during xfaction event, resistance!)

    Following the event -in which I did luckily get the medal, and was impressed that we got it so quickly - we returned to finish the banner missions. Prime froze on the mission screen. Again went through the palaver of completely reinstalling, still wouldn't let me move from the mission screen. Had to finish by using Redacted.

    I mainly love(d) Ingress for the missions, finding new places, and being able to look back on where I have been. If I have got all the way through a set of banner missions and the scanner crashes on the last one, I hope that you can understand the frustration of being unable to complete.

    Unfortunately I am coming to believe that the developers don't play the game, and more than that, take very little notice of people who do. Since the start of prime players have continually asked for portals and inventory to be made bigger and easier to decipher. The little bit of tinkering hasn't improved things a lot.

    Get out and play the game yourselves, instead of relying on others to give you feedback that you constantly ignore, and you will understand our frustration. Play it alongside redacted while you still can, and you will understand still better.

  • Good day dear managers Niantic. I've been playing ingress for almost 5 years. I love your game and constantly attend events with my wife related to ingress. My nickname @EugeneBaxter, nick wife @Raba24. We have come a long way in 1000 km by car, especially for the event "Field tests" in the city of Irkutsk in Russia. In the first hour after the start of the event we started having bags with the scanner redacted and ingress Prime. Could not go in game, able to crack portal, establish resonator and fashion. Reinstalled both versions of the game 3 times, rebooted phones (we have iphone 8). Because of what we could not fulfill the minimum for a medal in the "Field Test". Agents in Novosibirsk and Voronezh had similar problems. My wife and I were 500 meters short of the line "Kilometers walked". We constantly walk collect banners, play, I walk 25,000-40,000 steps a day in ingress. Please give us a medal of any status. We really hope so!

  • Niantic announced the other day that everyone who attended will get the badge by the end of next week.

    The problem now is if they'll honor those who had earned elite but did not get any badge due to problems with the distance traveled (or other stats being incorrect) and Prime not calculating it correctly.

  • We got the badge, thanks Nia

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