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  • Took part Field Tests in Voronezh, distance, hacks, gleefhackpoints were not calculated correctly, I walked about 5km, got only 3. Hacks were also not calculated correctly. The whole calculation started 40 minutes later than the event. Disappointed. Besides, we walked together with my son. The distance was different in our scanners. How is it possible...

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    Принимал участие в полевых испытаниях в Воронеже статистика трекер не полностью засчитана, ходил вместе с агентом Vialianse у нее трекер 3167

  • I would suggest that everyone should get a medal for participating today. If the goals were reached a silver medal and for the top 10% an elite version. It can't be that 90% of the participants don't get anything.

  • Same for me and my friends in Tartu, stats calculate incorrectly. Start calculate later than 15:57, lagging in Prime..

  • FT Voronezh.

    I have issue with incorrect calculating my personal statistic. Event started with delay around 45 mins, and my hacks and glyphs isn’t calculated.

  • walked by a company of 8 people. only 1 agent scored 3,000 meters. the rest is less than 2500.

  • Same happened in Turkey,İzmir Field Test event. Stats started to count at 15.45 instead of 15.15, all the agents had same problem. I hope solution will be found as soon as possible.

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    @NianticThomas take a look on this thread, please

  • Please, is it possible to recalculate the achievements during the event correctly and for the whole duration of the field tests?

  • Same problems in Novosibirsk.

  • Hi.

    Please recalculate my field test stats. I walked more than 4 kilometers during the event, but only 2 km counted.

  • Same issue in Margao, India. The last 40 mins of the event have not been counted & everyone who attended definitely did more than 3 Kms but it isn't reflecting in the score. Scanner seems to show correct kms. Prime kept being buggy and we had to switch to Redacted to get anything done.

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    Same thing happened in Grammichele, Italy,

    Almost one third of the users didn't get to the medal because of wrongly calculated stats. We walked in teams, some of us did 3500 meters, some of us 3100, some of us didn't get to 2500.

    What wasn't stated in the instructions is that hacks must be unique. You hack the same portal twice, that doesn't count.

    But not that we expect clear instructions anymore.

    Prime was literally unplayable sometimes. If you switched back to redacted, everything worked.

    Not that it was caused from connection issues, because it happened also with the phone linked to an hotspot with a 100MB FTTC connection.

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    No words for you, Nia... 🖕this test and this gamе - this is only a small part of the players' opinions about you

    deserve it


  • Same here, 10km according to Google, but only 2.2 for the test, no medal while i should have elite.

    I should have checked the trekker to compare, no idea how much it increased...

  • My trekker said 7 kilometres, while the report said 2.92 kilometres. Quite a big difference. Live scores didn't work, so I had to rely on the trekker.

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    FT Voronezh

    Trekker was recorded incorrectly.

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  • Shame on you, dear #Niantic

    Switch on timer for event on 45 minutes later, incorrect calculating and then saying, thank you guys, for playing, but no rewards for our mistakes. Keep on moving...

    After this there is no any interest to have a business with you. A lot of people were waiting for good event, and having such worse decision for yours own mistakes.

    Shame on you.

  • Attended Ipswich FT (UK).

    Couldn’t even click hack to register the portal initially for quite some time.

    Prime was then unusable for the first half an hour of the event - couldn’t deploy resonators or mods at all. This was therefore a repeat of issues experienced at the last FS.

    Then, intermittent issues of the same nature continued for the rest of the event.

    Finally, hacks, glyph hacks and km all failed to record on the progress tracker, leading to several players not receiving the badge despite having met the minimum requirements. Overall, very disappointing.

    Hope this helps.

    @NianticAkshay @RedSoloCup

  • Great event. I normally use redacted but used Prime for the whole event as I thought that was the purpose of the event. Lots didn't thought as the option to use redacted was there and for them Prime was crashing lots. Not used Prime for that long before but I think I may have now been converted to it. Just need get my muscle memory changed to the new format as I was a lot slower doing most actions due to thinking what I was doing. It only crashed once for me during the whole event.

  • I was at Stuttgart. For the first 15 minutes the scanner didnt react to anything. Then it started responding - I saw a lot of people switching to REDACTED. When I was in a dense playing area - especially around media portals I wasnt able to hack the portal or do anything. When I moved away to location where were fewer players the game was kinda playable.

    • tracker was recorded incorrectly

    • scanner didnt respond to any actions

    • scanner froze from time to time

    • i wasnt able to login to service

    • there is some issue around media portals

    • some error screens appeared during the day also

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    I couldn‘t play for 40 minutes with prime in Stuttgart. Bye bye elite medal. 😭

  • I faced issues with all stats not updating after 4'o clock at the Field Test page. Scanner/agent stats correctly recorded my progress but prime and field test stat collection failed big time. Such a long trip for medal ended in disappointment. India there were two venues and only 2-3agents who completed all six tast in first 45 mins out of total 90 got the medal. Rest all were stuck with several errors and no medal. Fortunately I took screenshot before and after Field Test. But not sure how to draw NIA's attention to those. Thus posting here.

  • NIA idite na hui so svoim FT.

    You will never admit your mistakes.

  • FT Stuttgart: Prime Scanner showed black screen most of the time... Redacted worked fine... some walked together and got different km counted. And for me the count of the distance stopped 15 min before the end and didn't count further. So no badge and the feeling that prime failed this test. I won't play paid events with the current fragile version...

  • The hexathlon challenge "Lorient Fieldtest" has juste finished. Many issues occured on Prime. Result is we could play the challenge only during 30 minutes except for those who switcher to redacted. That is why the new player like me couldn't walk 3 kilometers. It's anormal to not give medal though it was impossible to achieve for prime players. Please make something to repair your mistake. Thanks.

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