Distance not calculated, Prime crash



  • Same here - mods miscalculated, hacks miscalculated, distance insufficient thought I surely walked more than 3 km. Two agents I walked together with had the same issues.

    Also, Prime scanner kept lagging and refused to start / locate me / show actual hack loot. It just had spammed me with previous hack results until I restarted it.

  • The same happened to me in Voronezh, statistics started counting 45 min later

  • FT in Voronezh. Trekker shows +5 km, statistics +2,45 km, no stats calculating for the first hour of event

  • Где медаль. Трек не считал.

  • Not correct calculating trekker.

  • Same in Oulu, calculation started at 16.00 local time. Most of us didn't get 3km in game event . Even trekker is much more than 3km. Same with mods, resonators an hacks. Only last 45 min counts.

  • FT Voronezh

    Not calculated trekkr and other stats (hacks, mods) in the first hour of event.


  • Hello. I am ygirtc. Participated in a fieldtest in Tartu. According to my data, I have traveled more than 4 kilometers. But due to the late start (at 15.57) of the tracker counting, the first part of the path was not counted. Please read my result and give an elite medal.

  • It seems that on every event at the same timezone stats were only counted between 15.57 and 16.45. That means we got stats just for the last 48 minutes instead of the whole 90 minutes. I made a screenshot after I got the artefscts at 15.25 and second one at 16.33. Even between those I got enough done to complete the event but official score is way below the actual stats

  • We get a ticket on trains to be at this event from Moscow to Voronezh! We spend our weekends to be at this new type of events! It’s will be amazing! But..

    Event is broken, more part of works is go down out of stats!

    We have a bad mood and sense of injustice!

  • Стата подсчитана не верно, пожалуйста пересчитайте

  • Первые минут 40 не считалась статистика.


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    Друзья из Нянтика. Более сотни учасников из Тарту злы на ваши кривые руки

  • FT Voronezh

    I have same problem.

  • Participated in FT in Voronezh. Prime crashed and crashed and crashed.... :(

    anyway I walked more than 3km inside play box according another tracker app but in the prime stat it shows less.. I’m really disappointed! Recalculate tracker and make Prime more stable (I’m playing only using prime since jan’19 and now the worth situation with Prime’s stability :( )

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