Field Test Crashed

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Most agent’s from the 2 Australian Field test have had major issues with redacted. After about 20 mins of loss play time restarting the app, turning the phone off and reinstalling app it eventually worked. Really hope agent’s don’t miss out on the badge due to prime crashing. Hope this gets sorted before Anomaly.


  • @NianticBrian agent’s have not received badges due to the crash please push the badge for all agent’s!

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    My whole family missed badges because we stopped at media portals unable to hack. We were only able to continue by switching to redacted, but redacted didn’t give us access to the ticketing page to see progress until it was over.

    More than half of our participants did not get the badge according to this

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    well they said things can go wrong on the field test thing.. obviously they did sadly.. question is now will people get their badges?

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    It's the same issue as seen a week ago at the first Saturday events:

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    Badges have been pushed.

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    Also it appears that the stats email was sent out exactly at 4:45 however the stats did not fully update and there is a lag with the stats this has also hindered agent’s results. Also as the server crashed for 30ish mins the stats should be calculated for 2/3 thirds of the time not the whole amount. Please take this into consideration as other field tests starts.


  • If it helps I have screenshots of the different errors I was getting during the last 30 minutes of the event, but when I try to post them a red box says:

    "You have to be around for a little while longer before you can post links."

  • In both locations Oulu and Tartu the Field Test counter started at 15.57 which was 42 minutes too late but ended at 16.45 resulting in really low stats for almost everyone and most did not get the needed 3km because of this. For me all stats are really low. But for example I walked over 3km and Field test log says 1,8 km, my actual glyph points were about 100 and Field test logged 44.

  • How would NIA Evaluate if the Prime Crashed in any moment during the field test not allowing agents to acomplished the goals. In my case Hacking... for my last few the Prime just hang, by the time I realize it, i had to **** it, started again and boom times up!

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