What would I do to make Ingress a little more profitable?

This is a response to the question posed in the recent thread regarding changes to the Umbra anomaly ticketing.

What would I do to make Ingress a little more profitable? Subscriptions.

Set up tiers for monthly subscriptions, with different levels of monthly rewards based on your pledge level.

But it'll make Ingress pay-to-win!

Let's not kid ourselves. Ingress has been pay-to-win for a long time now (if there is such a thing as "winning" at Ingress anyway). Whoever has more money can go to more events, can spend more time playing the game, and can get more badges faster than other agents.

It's never been equal, and this won't change that.

What it might do, is it might allow people who don't have the time to play the game as much as others a chance to be competitive.

How it might work

Have tiers for a monthly subscription - from Bronze to Onyx - and offer perks that you can't otherwise get (or at least, which would usually take time and/or money).

Ideas on perks:

  • Some nominal amount of CMU, increasing per tier
  • Some number of prioritised Portal Reviews (like the kind you can currently obtain by having 100 agreements in OPR)
  • Some amount of prioritised support - faster ticket reviews, for instance
  • In-app Supporter medal, perhaps based on the tier and time subscribed
The bottom line

That's what it's about, right? Something like this would be better than gouging people for anomalies - which I maintain should always have at least a free option for participation.

You'd have more people paying more often, and you wouldn't just be limited to the dozen or so cities that you can afford to run anomalies/events for each quarter - anyone, anywhere in the world could do this.

Recurring revenue, in a way that doesn't (directly) affect people who don't want to pay. Or at least, not any more than they already are being hurt.


  • So simple, but should be very effective. Any amount of extra money flowing into them through subscriptions would be helpful. They can add these tiers to the stores of each platform and have the auto charge occur every month.

    Give some good, balanced rewards to incentivise people into subscribing and bam, recurring revenue.

    I'd happily sub for a few balanced rewards, like 10% off in the store or cheaper official swag etc.

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