Rules Etc. for Aurora, CO Field Test

The location chosen for this event is on a campus which has several rules that I was notified of, and am sharing them here. If you are coming tomorrow please be respectful of these rules. And contrary to what you may think that this is an ENL imposing things on RES, this is not the case.

Also, remember to bring a bag to hold your swag as well as money for a sno-cone if you would like one, they start at around $4 a cup.

I have created some maps and they are posted on the TG.

**Campus Rules, Policies, Tips for Ingress Field Test September 14, 2019**

**C-23 has been marked with a green * on the map**

1. No Smoking on Campus. If you vape please try to be respectful of those around you.

2. No Pets on Campus.

3. No bikes, skateboards, scooters, or rollerblades along the sidewalks going from Education to Research, going through CHCO (Children’s Hospital), Eye Institute, Cancer Pavilion, Anschutz Inpatient or Outpatient Pavilions, or along the “Library Cluster”. Generally, if there are sidewalks, no “wheels” please. If you have a wheelchair, scooter, or other wheels due to disability, that’s okay. These are mostly noted on the non-google map as “major pedestrian walkways”.

4. Please be respectful and dispose of trash in trash receptacles located along the “paths”.

5. Parking is available, but please be respectful and PAY for parking.  The closest lots to C-23 are the back lot of Kiowa and Julesburg, and each one has a pay station. If you can’t find parking there, feel free to park at Georgetown or Ignacio. Please do not park at the Barbara Davis Center as that lot requires a code at the pay stations. I have marked these on the map with a blue *. General’s Park is NOT recommended since it is used by some patients for UCH Emergency overflow, and those gazebos/picnic shelters are almost always reserved for parties by the community each weekend. They are also the furthest lots from the “home portal” C-23 (marked on the map).

6. Try to avoid crowding around where the roads leading to emergency are. These are marked on the maps.

7. Restrooms – it is against policy for anyone with a badge to allow non CU Anschutz people in to buildings when the doors are locked, which will be the case during this event. Therefore, if you need to use the restrooms during this event, I recommend you walk into either the UC Hospital or Children’s and find the first publicly available ones on the first floor. Please, do not ask me or other players who have access to locked buildings or back entrances to let you in for any reason. You must use the entrances along 16th Ave. 

8. CU Anschutz, Children’s, UCHealth, and Aimco have contracts with certain vendors. I do not want to see any of you who have created swag and may be selling it get in trouble, so please do not sell it within the playbox or campus area. You are more than welcome to go anywhere else off campus and park up there and do what you wish. Free swag is okay.

** And a major note about swag and food – this is during hours when people are naturally going to need some kind of snack or libations because of the heat. On the map, you will see that there are tables where there will be swag and bagels. Please bring a bag or something to carry these in. We have visitors guides, pens, and stickers from Visit Aurora, and mobile device sleeves for cards etc. for your cell phone from CU Anschutz. Woodgrain Bagel has generously donated various bagels for tomorrow and a very limited amount of pastries (including 4 gluten free cookies). These will be ready to go at 2 just north of the start portal at the bistro tables across from “PolioPlus”. Kona Ice will also be set up in the front lot of Kiowa, and I believe it is around $4.00 a cup or more for a sno-cone with a flavor of your choosing.

9. Last but not least, I want to thank immensely those who have helped organize and supported this event:

-Carl and Cory at CU AMC and Agent TurnCoute for their assistance during the last two and a half weeks – I am indebted to you for your time, and your patience during the many email chains and chance meetings in hallways and other meetings.

-Visit Aurora for the guides, pens, and stickers at short notice.

-Woodgrain Bagels for their donation of bagels and pastries at short notice.

-Kona Ice of South Central Denver for being willing to come at short notice.

-The Agents, Trainers, and Wizards of Pokemon Go Anschutz, thank you for your love and support always, I built this campus for you (and I’m not done yet!),thanks so much for being the best group I have ever played with in all the cities I have lived in!

- The Agents of COEN for your support (always and especially this week). I know that to many I am not your ideal player, but I do try my hardest to do what I can when I am able to. You have helped me to grow as an agent and get me through some hard times since I’ve moved here. There are too many of you to name here.

- Agents from various cities I have played in (and a special shout out to @Bihotz , @SirStarburst , and Spam) who helped me figure out how the heck to play this game so I could improve my communities, or otherwise assisted me when I’ve needed you. You know who you are and I would not have stayed motivated to keep in this game without you.

I hope that this goes well for everyone, and if it doesn’t, I tried my best. 


  • Dang I guess I'll leave my heelys at home.

  • CliffMCliffM ✭✭✭✭✭

    Who are you and what is your position with Niantic?

  • Ahahahahahahah

  • I have no position with Niantic but these are the rules of the area where the field test is being held. I am just passing them on. Please respect them.

  • This is from the Anschutz web page.

    Anschutz Medical Campus

    The Anschutz Medical Campus, supplies the following for bicycle, motorbike and scooter parking.


    Bike Racks (PDF)

    The bike racks are located near entrances to each building. Additionally, for year round convenience there are bicycle lockers available on the ground floor in the south east corner of the Henderson Parking Structure.


    Throughout campus bicycles should only be parking in the designated lockers and racks. Bicycles should not be chained or in anyway fixed to landscaping, rails, trees or light poles and are not allowed inside any building. Bicycles found in unauthorized areas will be removed and will need to be retrieved from University Police.


    Make repairs and air up your tire at anyone of our Bike Fix Stations on campus! There are four repair stations conveniently located on campus for use anytime.

    • On the west side of Research Building II next to the bike racks
    • In the Henderson garage next to the bike lockers
    • East of Building 500 next to the scooter parking
    • East of the Anschutz Heatlh and Wellness Center in the Snowmass parking lot


    Scooter Parking (PDF)

    Scooter parking is available in designated areas across campus. Scooters should only be parked in these designated locations. Scooter should not be parked in bicycle racks. Please do not attempt to enter gated permit parking with a scooter as it may cause problems with the gate system and your parking access.

  • Come on guys they are just posting about campus rules give them a break.

  • I'm really excited to see what these field tests are all about and sad to miss out on this one in my home state.

  • Rules are just being forwarded from campus by the looks of it. The organisers themselves cannot ammend these . Just follow the rules and be happy you have a field test event rather than picking holes in everything. Hopefully the event goes well for you @DarkSonatine and everyone that has fun !

  • Try to find these rules on the campus website. This is mostly hog wash. If you can find these rules on the website, let me know...

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