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Ingress not sustainable?

Lastly, we need your help as we explore ways to make Ingress more sustainable, and we need your help now. 

This is in the most recent update by NianticOfficial about the anomaly ticketing decision.

First idea I have for Niantic is to actually act on spoofers.

Second idea is to be receptive to the players.

The way that is worded makes it seem to be too late for that...


  • DigitalisDigitalis ✭✭✭
    edited September 2019

    lots of money will change hands due to ingress, just not a lot of it will end up in niantics pocket.

    when redacted goes offline, level 10+ accounts with opr access will be sold and resold to pogo and potter players so non ingress players can be able to add in game locations to those other games.

    when ingress goes to subscription based service, those accounts will increase in resale value.

    sad where this has ended up.

    at potter fan fest people were walking around asking to buy ingress level 10 plus accounts for this explicit reason.

  • Just curious, what's the going rate for l16 blue account?

  • JosmanuJosmanu ✭✭✭
    edited September 2019

    Well is very well known as right now it has been living thanks to pogo incomes august 2018 made more than 100 million, the thing is ingress is not as popular you might think, thanks to pogo it gained popularity at some degree, these players literally play or played for be able to submit pokestop or review by lvling into 10 or 12, once they are done they just leave or completely stop without adding a single dime because they didnt had to, ingress dont have any kind of equivalent for pogo such eggs for increase the ap gain, or somekind of pass for do something in game like the raids in pogo, etc

    Now ets supose a gofest or safari zone from pogo is the equivalent to an anomaly, they charge for that medal from the start and pogo players dont cared, why? because was a niantic only event, they tried to bring it here in ingress and it created a riot...but is mostly because of that, unlike the pogo events Anomaly events since the start were literally created and successful thanks to the players not to niantic, and honestly is kind of true?

    Currently ingress is mostly played by the same playerbase which it has a mindset already and will be very hard to change, people tend to refuse changes, but lets be honest ingress players have done a lot of free work for niantic from events to opr, but something like this would be the equivalent to a youtuber doing videos and promoting the game? would that youtuber expect money from niantic for it?

    Niantic could add more stuff to the shop, something that increase 1.5 ap gain, perhaps increase storage, freaking enlightenment pillow, reduced agreements in opr (insteand of 100 would be 25?), etc i am not niantic employee so i wont be here doing a brainstorm of ideas for sell stuff

    But you forgot something, and many players do, think all the time ingress has been up and you didnt put a dime on it and still here you are...how did ingress manage to keep the stuff up? when pogo wasnt around to just rise the income...isnt like players did whole everything in anomalies...i mean niantic gave you the game..the servers...the decided place..etc are ''small stuff'' which people dont see and dont understand the real value

  • Benefit of doubt.

    You're new to ingress, you're new to niantic.

    Pogo and hpwu are built on what Nia have gained from ingress, without ingress they would not exist.

    The continued expansion of those two games in terms of poi's, is, currently, based 9n efforts of ingress players.

    If ingress agents are not important, do as we asked, seperate us from these other games, protect us from the cheats, spoofers, multi a counters that these games have brought across to ingress - purely to further add to the poi database (more fake than real, based on personal experience).

    If NIA want to treat each instance seperate, then seperate them.

    If NIA want long standing (6+ years) supporters, or, newly inducted participants of ingress, and continue to reap profits directly, or indirectly, generated by those players, they need to treat them with respect.

    Anomaly events existed before pogo etc, introducing a paid barrier now is quite literally infuriating the long standing supporters of this product.

    Tonight alone, I've had friends I met via ingress reach out to me to ask5if I will attend a leaving party - leaving of ingress. I haven't seen these people for over a year because I'd moved away.

    The community that was born of ingress won't die, our 'want' to continue to play is waning.

  • Oh, I might have neglected to address your comments about what ingress agents have contributed.

    Millions of miles of travel, to submit poi's to a database.

    An unquantifiable amount of funds spent on swag, cards, gear.

    The biggest thing is that we have and continue to create the playing field for all of the other games. Without us, they would not be what they are, if anything.

  • I believe Nia owe me nothing.

    I've never said they owe me anything.

    They do owe some respect to all their agents that have helped them come this far.

  • MaliciousWolfMaliciousWolf ✭✭✭
    edited September 2019

    They have been nothing but respectful to their agents thus far. They pubicly apologized as well for the mishandling of the short notice addition of pricing to anomaly events.

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