Update on Umbra Anomaly Ticketing

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Thank you for your constructive and candid feedback on the new in-app ticketing process for the upcoming Umbra Anomaly. We understand the timing of this announcement was poor and provided very little advance notice of the changes. We apologize, and going forward, we will proactively explain significant changes to events, the game, or policy with advanced notice to POCs and to the wider Ingress community. As a result of your feedback, we will be making several immediate changes to the current Umbra Anomaly in-app ticketing process going forward. 

Later today, we will be adding an Onsite Activation (Free) ticket to every Anomaly city. This ticket will allow you to have your actions counted for scoring, and does not include the Anomaly medal. The Onsite Activation (Free) ticket will be available for onsite participation only. You will still have to purchase an Onsite Activation (Paid) or Offsite Activation (Paid) ticket to receive 2X AP during your Anomaly event, the Umbra Anomaly medal, and to receive a report of your Anomaly actions on the local leaderboard. For a detailed description of the different ticket types, please go to the event page for your city by either using the in-app ticketing feature or visiting http://ingress.com/events

Offsite Activation (Paid) requires remote participation during the Anomaly to qualify for the Anomaly medal and leaderboard rewards. Remote participation includes recharging an Anomaly portal in the city you registered for during the Anomaly, successfully submitting any decoded anomaly code during the Anomaly period, and remote intel operators. Remote intel operators will need to have their Agent names verified and submitted by their Faction POCs a week before the event. 

Please be aware that every ticket is locked to a specific city. For example:

If you purchase either an Offsite or Onsite Activation (Paid) ticket for Guadalajara, Mexico but you recharge for/or attend Antwerp, Belgium, you will not be eligible to receive an Anomaly medal. You must purchase an Antwerp paid ticket if you are recharging or attending Antwerp and want the Anomaly medal. You will not be able to change the city of a ticket once it is purchased. 

For the Umbra Anomaly Series, we’re also going to provide two one-time use promo codes to Agents who purchase (or purchased) an Onsite Activation (Paid) ticket before Wed, October 9 @ 5PM UTC. These codes can be given to any Agent attending the same Anomaly city onsite event as you for a free Onsite Activation (Paid) ticket. Please note, these promo codes can only be used for Onsite Activation (Paid) tickets for the same city as the Agent who bought the ticket. Tap the main menu button > Events > Nemesis: Umbra Anomaly: City > Redeem a promo code (below the “Claim Tickets” button). Promo codes will be sent to Agents via the email address confirmed during the in-app ticketing checkout process weekly, starting Fri, September 20. 

For future events, we’re investigating what additional payment options could be enabled for the Events in-app ticketing feature. 

Lastly, we need your help as we explore ways to make Ingress more sustainable, and we need your help now. Adding paid options for Anomaly events is one of several updates coming to Ingress to help us achieve our goals around better viability as a team that can stand on its own. 

Thank you for your feedback and your continued support. 

-The Ingress Team

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