Alternate revenue sources

Dear Niantic,

I think you noticed the anger about your ticket pricing decision. I almost always paid for the paid badges to support you, but it must have a free option so everyone can attend (and all the other things stated in the open letter).

This is why, I want to promote an idea of mine again, because I really think the effort/value factor is good (The code for most the things is already existing and only needs to be combined).

Ingress is about playing together, not only as a faction, but with the other faction as well. We all go to anomalies to fight over a certain town and afterwards enjoying a drink together. Some only inside their respective faction, but many of us have friends on both. Now imagine you could take this anomaly feeling and transfer it to a normal Sunday.

The Idea is: Sell Mini Event Start Items in the Store.

I had Splatoon/Mario Party in mind while writing this:

A mini event could look like this:

  • You activate this mini event starter item on a portal, a countdown of some time (eg. 2 hours) starts until the mini game begins.
  • An area is picked, eg. 4 km² around the portal and the goal of the mini game is set
  • An in game message is given out to every agent in 8 KM radius to the portal, announcing the mini game is starting soon.
  • At the given time the mini game starts and agents in the area are doing their best to achieve the given goal
  • At the end of the event (after time is over or after achieving the goal) the end and the winner is announced
  • You meet again and drink some beer and talk about the fun you had during the mini event. maybe participants who hack the start portal in the beginning and the end get a medal which counts upwards, like attended mission days and such

There can be different goals for a mini game. creating/destroying fields, shardgame, capture the most Portal, biggest control field, maybe even a glyph challenge

Obviously partners of both faction can announce such a event beforehand to ensure people are joining, they could also even the odds and ensure both faction have the same amount of people. For an whole day of fun, I'd invest 10€+ for the mini event starting item. One could share the costs or a community manager could spend it so everyone else can still participate for free.

You can find this and other good ideas on Reddit, Megathread: In-App Purchase Replacements

I hope the community and you can find a solution to this problem.


Agent GvRTesphina


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