Niantic being Niantic ....

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They missed out on getting it right and doing something for the game and at the same time monetizing Ingresse honestly.

There has to be a free sign-up option for those who are "On site". Free for those who help with recharge rooms and code decoding should also be maintained.

Want to make money ???

Open the Off Site option for players from around the world to play AP at their place of residence, charge their players US $ 13.00, and include in the anomaly score 1 point for the faction that gets the highest capture score. AP World Cup with players entered during the time window of the anomaly they signed up for and paid to participate off site and thus win the medal. Many people do not have the money to travel to an anomaly, but they can contribute by playing at their place of origin at the same time as the anomaly takes place. That would be millions of dollars raised, without changing the current system where the POCs work for you for free.

The anomalies would become events of worldwide movement, not just local ones.

That would be aggregate and not divide. Everyone would pay the extra fee for a new game mode in the anomaly without altering the existing system.

Moreover we know that this decision was made a long time ago and left to disclose at the last minute on purpose. This is dishonest.

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