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Related - but slightly different.

Deliberately started this as a new post / topic, as I could have asked it within many others currently running.

What would happen, if you paid for this event and didn't receive the badge in a timely manner - as credit cards appear to be required, people could issue charge backs and recoup the cost, could they not?

Would that then cause more financial stress for Nia, as they would have to respond, to every single charge back request from their payment provider? (time = money, that could cost them a lot more than it costing the agents to pay, then recoup)

Second question, what if you paid, then got banned, during the event, after, before, whichever, as part 9f recouping your cost, what recourse and disclose would they perhaps have to provide in their defense of charging you, then artificially preventing you from having access to that which you paid for?


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