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Ingress Money Inflow

I would gladly pay a monthly subscription fee that comes with some minor perks - $10 a month plus 10 Lawson’s - something like that. Hell I pay $10 to FarmVille so I can have shiny new things. The revenue stream is endless with Ingress.


  • DigitalisDigitalis ✭✭✭
    edited September 2019

    yeap, this is where its going.

    good way to see the playerbase eviscerated - good news is that with such a lower number of players worldwide the server cost and administration cost to keep the lights on for the few people left to play, should drop considerably.

    augmented reality games cost money out of pocket daily for increased food consumption to keep calories up to walk more, admittance fees to places where portals exist, transportation costs to get to the locations to do a thing - and a host of other hidden costs to play each and every player must come up with.

    if this were a sit on your couch and pay the electricity bill kind of game it would be one thing, but to actually participate in the game costs a lot of money before niantic charges anything.

    some of us, probably most of us are tapped out on elective discretionary funding just to play the game. the financial burden niantic is placing on the playerbase in addition to the normal daily cost to play is going to destroy the game.

    you may have made this post as a joke, or not @ClutterCutter , but this is where it is inevitably heading. enjoy playing with the handful of other agents that are left who can afford to - should be lots of fun having uncontested ground to fight over all around you.

  • I did not post it as a joke. I am an ingress cheerleader and want it to be successful. I’m so over listening to everyone whine about paying to play. Don’t wanna play? Delete app and leave.

  • Enjoy playing one a week... Unless they increase the decay rate, in which case you can play maybe twice, or thrice a week.

  • jsylvisjsylvis ✭✭✭✭

    That does seem to be the goal Niantic is working toward, yes.

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