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I also contribute to nianctic

my name arturo mendieta ArturoMen in ingress, I played 5 years ago in Rio Gallegos Santa Cruz Argentina, when I started playing I only had 22 portals, I tried to stay and grow despite not having opponents and playing alone, eventually I met wonderful people around the world and participate in anomalies as a decoding support, until I can participate in the Asuncion anomaly in 2019, I also participated as an operator in the anomaly of Brasilia 2019, when I started the opr project I set out to create in Patagonia more elements to play, travel more than 200km to cities where there were nothing or players of any game just so that people know any of the products of niantic, analyze 30,000 applications throughout South America and I have onix opr with 14,000 agreements, everything What we do in opr impacts any niantic game and now it turns out that I have to pay to have a medal, my question is, my contribution is not economical but the citizens From where there are only shipments of pokemongo players where there are no ingress players, you have profits with any of your products, because my effort to expand the cities so that more people consume any of their products now turns out that I have to contribute economically . Today I don't know if I want to collaborate for free as I do so that more cities have more people playing. I hope you analyze all the claims and be more fair with your decisions


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  • So much THIS!

  • It reminds me of when the open music database just up and decided to steal everyone’s open-source labor and switched to private and paid. Like, yes I was happy to manually enter all that data for “us.” Can I have my labor back?

  • Excelente ! Lástima que a Niantic no te va a dar bola, ni a vos, ni a nadie....

  • MaliciousWolfMaliciousWolf ✭✭✭
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    Niantic never forced you to work for free, you volunteered of your own accord from the beginning. Niantic does not owe you anything, you knew all you would get is a few badges for your efforts and some thanks by the community, the players, themselves.

    By all means, you may opt to no longer offer your volunteer services, that is your right, just like it always has been.

    Thank you for your contributions.

  • yes I understand your point of view but my contributions and that of all the agents of ingress grew the network of portals stops and elements in other games I think it should be taken into account before charging us for everything now without us the rest of the games they would not have items to play

  • Sure you may recommend for it to be taken into account, but Niantic does not have to.

    Honestly though, I'd argue they already have, and this is shown by the fact they even bother to support and keep Ingress operational in its current capacities. If they had not taken into account the community's efforts and contributions, they probably would have shut down Ingress a long time ago as I highly doubt they are making much money off of Ingress itself, rather as already established the portals that were submitted by the app which are now utilized in their other products.

    This will eventually become a moot point for them though once full OPR integration is completed with PoGo, as they will then have an even larger playerbase to tap into for portal submissions and reviews, and will no longer need any of the services provided by Ingress.

  • To the OP you are a legend!!!!! You are an amazing contributor!!!!

    MaliciousWolf is obviously "a corporations can do whatever for money" sort of bloke. Has not considered that folks have very different views.

    Folks don't do things for free. People have not done countless hours of free labour to be charged for the privilege to use it.

    Folks don't stay when there's been exploitation

    I have 160 high quality POIs identified photographed and ready for prime submit. At the moment I am considering leaving them on my camera roll..... I can't at the moment make callouts to encourage my fellow players keep to the opr wheel as I have done in the past.

  • MaliciousWolfMaliciousWolf ✭✭✭
    edited September 2019

    I have considered other people's opinion, and just like you or anyone else, I reserve the right to disagree with them as I have here.

    Your argument is invalid by the way, plenty of people do things for free simply out of the goodness of their hearts. That is what it means to volunteer.

    Also you were never exploited, please show me the proof of where Niantic enslaved you or forced you to volunteer for portal submissions. Oh wait, you can't, because they never did.

    Also those 120 portals of yours, by all means do not submit them, no one is forcing you to do so, heck go ahead and uninstall Ingress too while you are at it, that way there is no chance you are exploited into playing it seeing how you believe Niantic is in the business of exploitation. If uninstalling Ingress to prevent getting exploited sounds rediculous to you, then you should see my point on how your claim that you all are owed anything by Niantic for your volunteered services is rediculous. Chances are high anyhow a year from now PoGo players will have submitted and processed more portals than Ingress players have since the inception of Ingress once full implimentation of POI with PoGo is complete so those 120 pending portal submissions of yours will likely be covered by multiple PoGo players in the future anyhow.

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