What would your idea be to make ingress more profitable?

Even though this is an assumption, but based on recent events, 100% increase on frackers, paid anomaly tickets, it is clear to me that Niantic is looking for a more sustaining way to operate instead of intermittent income.

likely that somewhere in the terms of service we have given all rights away to Niantic on what we say here (who reads those things?) so why not brainstorm here and use wisdom of the crowd to make ingress, the game we all (mostly) love better. What would viable options be that would create more profit

For example, I wouldn't mind paying a monthly fee for having an extra 20% redacted on the cooldown of my hacks on all portals. Others would really consider this pay to win and would hate it and shut that idea down.

I would love a paid option to an api where I could **** the portal closest to my home and **** an Arduino or Raspberry to a smart light that would change the colors depending on neutral/blue/green/attacked. The creative things we could do with that... (hell, ingress could team up with some of the smart people that play this game and sell kits for it).

Why can't I buy CMU directly from the website as a digital pack/code instead of the play/app store where google/apple takes a cut.

Why the requirement for a creditcard when so many people do not own one (and I was told that the payment provider Nia uses actually has options for other (local) payment options that have the exact same processing fees)

What would your thing be? What do you think is the best option to create a better revenue stream for ingress without it hurting gameplay within reason, I mean 'keep it as is' clearly seems no longer to be an option.



  • How about paying for more information on unique portal interactions? $10 a month to see which portals we have hacked and captured and which is our "guardian." I'm confident a lot of players will be interested and that it won't break the game.

  • GrogyanGrogyan ✭✭✭✭✭

    This means that those who do not have access to a credit card are still being penalized

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    This thread is about ideas to monetize the game, it is not about how to get people without access to credit cards the ability to send money to Niantic.

    I know and fully understand that's an issue, but if every decision is based on that issue, there's no point in thinking about the original question what-so-ever and we should just give up right now.

  • ArtilectZedArtilectZed ✭✭✭✭✭

    Another thought: Take a page out of Valve's book, somewhat. Don't host anomalies until $X amount has been raised through store sales/subscriptions/etc.

  • GrogyanGrogyan ✭✭✭✭✭

    I believe after today's fiasco, that players would not be interested in achieving some level of required in app purchase requirement for anomalies to begin.

    However there is an opportunity for commercial entities to help fund anomalies, as part of their marketing.

    For example H2GO (water), with participants encouraged to purchase, with discounts, during the event week when ever they buy that brand?

  • - Swag

    Self explanatory. Currently there is clothing swag but if you need ideas of what swag to come out with, you have the community market for your reference on what attract agents to buy them.

    - Subscription service

    This could be done by having a global league leaderboard challenge where agent subscript to which offer them rewards for reaching different ranks (example top 10% gets a special medal like Field test event)

    Rewards for the league leaderboard could be unique badges in their profile, unique prime scanner interface, unique agent avatar icon, inventory items only exclusively obtainable in this challenge (VRLA or extremely rare shield)

  • Somewhere in the August AMA I recall them saying that seeing which portals are unique and which ones you’ve hacked is already in the works.

    Link to AMA: https://community.ingress.com/en/discussion/3642/august-ama-questions-and-answers#latest

    Snippet of conversation:

  • It's very simple, put ads in the app and make an ad-free paid version, like so many other apps. Of course this would mean removing all the pay-to-win items from the store. I would much rather pay for ingress, than see it turning more and more into a pay-to-win game as is happening now.

    Active players play this game daily, so what's the problem with paying a small fee for the game? Occasional players or players how can't or don't want to pay can still play for free with ads.

    I also don't mind paying for anomalies, but the way it was introduced now and communicated was of course ridiculous.

  • I wouldn’t mind having the option to purchase lucky eggs like in Pokémon go... double ap for 30 minutes.

  • Swaaaaaaag.

    More paid character badges.

    More key lockers... maybe have key lockers beyond what are available now be subscription based?

    But seriously, I think all our work on the creation and maintenance of the POI database should be taken into account when deciding how “profitable” ingress is.

    Ingress is never going to be as profitable as Pokémon Go. If they’re drawing a comparison here then they may as well **** ingress now.

  • A tiered medal for remote anomaly attendance. If, going forward, remote attendance will also always cost money, give those that do so a real incentive for it. In addition to the anomaly medal itself, introduce a tiered remote attendance medal.

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    PoGo and HPWU already have some concepts that can easily be translated to Ingress:

    Item that doubles your AP gain for 30 minutes.

    Item that doubles your XM gain for 30 minutes.

    Encrypted capsule as random drop when hacking portals. Agents need a decryption code to decrypt a capsule, then walk 2, 5 or 10km to run the code. Each agent gets an infinite decryption module for free, more limited use decryption codes can be bought in the shop. Decrypted capsule yields rare/vr items. (If possible make the items account bound, to prevent abuse)

    Custom avatar colors/motives/backgrounds for certain achievements, buying paid supporter tickets or just straight up bought from the store. Custom "Arrow" models for the overworld map.

    "Special research"-missions (think GoFest special research) that take place at a certain time that could reward players with unique achievements and rare/premium items.

    So far I can't come up with an Ingress equivalent to raids or fortress battles, which would probably change the game design much more than the examples listed above.

  • Ability to expand the number of inventories.

  • grendelwulfgrendelwulf ✭✭✭✭✭

    You can still play. This is just for people who want to support the game financially. A lot of people who do have access to credit cards still wouldn't subscribe.

  • NgernNgern ✭✭✭

    Bring back the physical swag.

    I know people that will buy not only one kit but loads of them just to give away for the local community.

  • I would like a novel series on the backstory. preferably paperback, but I could live with ebook. I would love to read the backstory.

  • Been playing since the beta - didn't know this.

    Publicity isn't a strong point it seems

  • We're being milked.

    If every ingress player didn't play, from the beginning, this product, this company, would not exist in its current form.

    We shaped the field of play, and we continue to do so.

    I'd be happy if ingress was closed, in terms of new recruits, and for ingress to be supported by the billion dollar franchises built from our efforts.

    Add a pay wall to join ingress, don't add a pay wall to play and help build the other products.

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