Resonator deployment bug, last highlighted res. not last deployed as first res on next portal

Prime Build 2.31.2-18b3245b

When deploying resonators. The last resonator that was highlighted is the first to be deployed next, not the last resonator deployed as was the case in Redacted.

Example I am in a taxi deploying 1 resonator to each portal as we go down the street. In redacted I deployed all 8's, in Prime if I just click portal, and deploy the active resonator it deploys 8 on first portal, 7, and then 6, 6, 6, 6.

It seems that what ever resonator what highlighted when I press the X is the next to be deployed.



  • KomedioDramatKomedioDramat ✭✭
    edited September 2019

    It's common bug (or maybe a feature? :) I experience this situation often from my very beginning playing Ingress Prime. It occurs on every version I was using from about four months. I don't have comparison to Redacted, I'm used to do one more swipe to next resonator and then tap X button, but it's very irritating.

  • This may not be a bug but it's definitely a change in expected behaviour and makes the "one handed playing" that's been highlighted as a feature of Prime a lot more difficult.

  • Yes, it's annoying as this is not what you expect to happen.

    I often deploy the wrong type of resonator because of this.

    Restoring the Redacted behaviour would be better.

  • This.

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