An open letter to Niantic



  • TOP, wahre Worte !!! Besser hätte man es nicht ausdrücken können. Vorallem nach dem ganzen Ärger, Fehlentscheidungen, nicht gehaltenen Zusagen, hin und her mit Prime, der Abschaltung von Redacted etc. NIA tut immer weniger für die Events & dass drumherum (im großen Gegensatz zu den anderen Spielen) ABER dafür wird immer mehr Vorraussetzt & monitär verlangt und das ganze bei genehmigten sowie gebuchten Events ! Tolle Leistung, tolles Management 🤘🏻!

  • Great post, thank you!

    On a technicality, people are still able to participate in the event for free, and only part of their actions won't be counted - maybe Niantic lawyers think it'll be sufficient defense. That'll be so much fun to watch, though

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    Thank you, Claudija, for writing this up so well.

    I don't object to paying myself, and I've often bought the rare packs just to support the game. But many years ago it was the low barrier to entry that got me into anomalies in the first place, and having to pay for an anomaly or recharge room probably would have put me right off it. The short notice and impact on lower-income regions is appalling.

  • I've always wanted to work my way up to being a POC. Current players don't always have time, and whatnot. But now I think I'll take a step back. Monetization as a means to justify LESS WORK FOR NIA is just shameful. You have the technology, NIA, just use it and get your money elsewhere.

  • Very good post.

    But don't WORRY. In a few days Hank "sometimes you need more Johnssons" will announce that the registration was hacked by Comic Sans. And now they have reverted the hack to the correct text

  • Well written and hopefully Nia will show some attention. Otherwise the game will be dead rather sooner than later. Sad but true.

  • Perfekt Claudija .....


  • +1

  • Totally agree. At least the organisers on the ground should get free tickets!

    Are these POCs looking to lose their own money if the expected number of agents don't turn up? I've already bought plane tickets and hotel room, but am tempted just to visit Gothenburg as a tourist now, and not bother hanging round on street corners jabbing at my phone.

  • Thank you! I agree this letter.

  • I 100% agree with what's been said they have messed up and needs to be looking I to about the legal side if everything seeing as they already us Europe for paid events in pokemon go they should know better. they need to be sending boots on the ground to help with everything if they are being paid

  • This is so well put. I couldn't agree more 👍

  • Every single point +999! Thank you very much for yoir effort @Claudija!

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    First, thanks for writing the letter, @Claudija. It's very well written.

    I would like to comment on this section: "Reason 5: Unrealistic Prices"

    A little about me and my perspective - I'm a Native American professional woman who used to be home less. At science conferences, I am often misread as Asian and therefore (racism FTL!) am assumed to come from a less developed country. People will treat me like I paid the cheap price when I paid the full price. In addition, why should I pay $15 when someone can pay $3? (And yes, $15 is affordable to me now. But $15 was unrealistic to me when I was home less *in the United States*.)


    Option 1 (Best Option): Anomalies are free to attend.

    Option 2 (Alternate Option): All can participate for free and count for their team, but the special anomaly badge + swag pack is offered as a paid option.

    Option 3 (Alternate Option): Site-based pricing. For example, everyone recharging for Beijing pays $2 USD, everyone recharging for NYC pays $15 USD. A portion of the ticket pricing goes to the agent’s faction to help POCs defray costs. Agents who cannot afford more expensive sites can find ways to participate (such as serving as an op) at more affordable sites.

    Thanks again to all who contributed to the letter!

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  • Spot on.

  • Amen, well said! Can't agree more!

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