An open letter to Niantic



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    Totally agree

  • +1

  • @Claudija Complete and perfect analysis!!

  • Well nothing new. Put the profit goals ahead of well designed process. And you gonna fail.

    This is true to any subject area.

  • Thank you for summarizing the issue,

  • Thank you💙💚

  • @Claudija Great post. Thanks for putting in the time to create it. I hope Niantic pulls this back and thinks up better ways to monetize Ingress.

  • Thank you @Claudija for speaking for us. PAY ATTENTION niantic

  • @Claudija , thank you for taking your time to pay this. I wholeheartedly agree and hope this hits Niantic's feed and gets then to reverse course for the time being.

  • Couldn't have been said better

  • Amen Claudia

    I definitely could not have said it any better

  • Thank you @Claudija for this post and I agree with it.

  • Thank you!

    Well put.

  • Totally agree

  • Thank you Claudija, for writing down what I believe most of us are thinking right now.

  • Why not SupporterTicket +Free @Niantic?? I will buy one!! But not this way!!!

  • Can't agree more. Thank you! Well done.

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    Very well said @Claudija I don't mind paying $15 to attend an anomaly, but that needs to be stated when the event is announced to I can plan for it. I also think there should be a free participation option for those that can't afford it which would allow their actions to be counted and the badge to be pushed (onsite attendees), but maybe not give the bonus AP, or offer other incentives for the paid ticket. As for remote attendance, I like the idea that you can participate for free (rechargers, operators, etc) and choose to not get the badge and I think that allowing these participants to "purchase" the badge is a great solution to encourage on-site participation, but still make remote possible for those that can't make it onsite and still want to help and get the badge. For example Umbra I won't be able to attend onsite, living in the middle of the country, both Brooklyn and Sacramento are 24 hours drive or $700-$1000 round trip flights (x2 if I want to bring my wife who also plays actively) which I simply cant afford, I can however help out my faction by recharging or operating, and am willing to pay the $15 in order to get the badge that way

  • +1. Nicely written and I fully agree.

  • в топку такой ингресс

  • Full ACK +1

  • We never asked a commercial company to give up their profit.

    But you cannot fool customers.

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