An open letter to Niantic



  • I agree with you, there are better ideas, I hope niantic hear/read us.

  • Well said !

    Thanks @Claudija to say loudly what we all think

  • +1 to original post!

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  • Thanks for this open letter!

  • Thanks @Claudija for voicing out for all Ingress players. Nia must think about not all agents are capable to pay. It's getting ridiculous when Nia asking for a payment from players aka agents. They must think about the sacrifice being made by most agents to make Niantic's event aka anomaly happened. Some of agents leave behind their family just to play their hobby. Travel thousands of kilometers just to join the fun with their friends. Now Niantic asking for a payment of the medal? Come on!!!!

  • I could not have said this better myself. You touched all the bases there, and no more words need be said. Thank you.

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  • "don’t you think there are other, maybe even better, ways to introduce paid elements into the game than this?"

    absolutly agreed.

    for guys from Niantic: buddies, for years some agents waiting for an so-called "API Access" which could make local competitive events, based on in-game mechanics.

    Let it will be paid - it's fine for cloud era. But let it be. It could be fresh taste of the game in order keep experienced agents motivated to continue. Not only triangles, guys.

    2. Triggering passcodes to banners: I want to promote my banner, and I pay for some staff which could be gained by completing missions.

    3. Another approach is making L8 and/or VR staff available for money. Yes, I know - some agents told that it could ruin farming and impact social aspects. Let's think about people who using Ingress primary to get fun, not to die hard within kilometers of walk.

    This is not about ruining, this is about balance. You can spend time for obtaining inventory. Or you can pay to save time.

  • Thanks you @Claudija for this open letter that represents quite nicely our feelings about this new paying procedure to participate in the Anomalies.

  • +1

    Good letter

  • This is so true, and so well-versed. Thank you for this. Let's see what happens now that there is a clear statement with solid reasons against this outcome.

  • Agreed 100%.

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