An open letter to Niantic



  • so, what about some feedback from niantic about all this? the playerbase is waiting....

  • Local authorities and the council are being advised that the event has been changed to a paid event in Newcastle for the upcoming anomoly. Local police will be shutting it down as the event will burden the city, without addressing the fiscal responsibilities resulting. The main concerns of Newcastle Council will be the clean water reg, security, paramedic tent and fees regarding waste management. Not to mention the fees they are missing out on.

    If anyone thinks this is going to blow over, IT IS NOT. Australia takes this stuff seriously. Like, we charged Johnny Depp. What do you think NCC is going to do to you? Just say 'she'll be right ****'? Good luck, you are going to end up regretting this short term

  • Me and my wife too. You will be sowas vong drunk 🙈😂😍

  • Thanks so much Claudija and to those involved in this write up, great info and ideas brought up.

    I would love to see us as players stand together in making our voice heard in making a change. Heck maybe even a boycott of an anomaly (maybe not this one as people have made non refundable payments for flights/accommodation etc.). Then again maybe Nia will have made changes by then, maybe lol.

  • We will have beers. That's not even up for discussion. I wasn't drunk at the last anomly.

  • +1

  • as a smurf I'm on @claudijas side!!!!

  • I'm a frog and I'm on your side! XF as it's best 😀

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    I fear the day when Niantic would simply pull the plug and turn this thing off. Why bother to pay some respect and gratitude to the thousands who willingly invested their personal resources to make this game what it is and in turn it helped build the foundations of pogo and wu? I guess we're not needed anymore but then I couldn't explain what's the nature of the field tests happening in a few hours. The comic sans guy might be right... should we help niantic with the test? Cheapest UAT ever.

  • The silence is deafening.

  • SniperJSniperJ ✭✭
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    Don't be Evil, Niantic.


  • +1

    Agreed and signed.

  • 100% Spot on.

  • I agree, what more can be said about greed. NAI is making banknote the other step children, ,leaving Cinderella at home look for spare batteries....( You fill in the blanks)....

    Confused in Phoenix... @Icom4u

  • Bump +1

  • I totally agree with everything’s said. Well done and well written. Thank you.

    niantic please don’t **** this game off, you can make your money and still allow us to have our fun with your game! There are better ways to implement money generation elements in this game.

  • Between all this pay-to-win **** and raised prices, indifference to cheat reports (Remy and automated/ outsourced help desk), killing the Trusted Reporter program, and shoving the game onto the Unity platform, I'd be surprised if Ingress even survives until the end of 2020. It was a great ride.

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