An open letter to Niantic



  • First thought this was a joke when reading those news in the morning. You hit the spot Claudija, I totally agree with your letter!

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    Yes, agree. I was really pleased when I read about events and noticed that the are free if I don't want the supporter kit. Actually we were planning to go at anomaly this October, but now when you have to pay for the event we maybe won't participate this event. I understand that NIA as a company has to earn money someway but I think it isn't necessary to make anomaly paid event - I think many agents bought some of paid kit and it's nice to make anomaly available for everyone. Or you could change the price - in my opinion is the price too high.

    You say that we still can participate the amomaly without paying anything but when our score didn't count to total score it's pretty useless to go there for us and for other from our faction as well.

    I really like this game but I don't like the decision of having events paid (why to change something that already works). In my point of view it is not necessary.

  • Niantic, if you're actively trying to drive away players, well done. /slow_clap

  • In simple words, that because of previous, accurate disagreementseith a spoofer, abusive cheat on here, I have a warning that lasts basically until I'm dead..

    I will say it anyway, niantic, you are screwing the player base that helped to build you, and those that have joined it to help build your cash cows.

    Goodbye, God bless. May the future support the employees, but literally, and sincerely, I hope the trading name dies.

    I'm not a big spender, 8nhave though encouraged many over the years to sign up and contribute. I now regret this.

  • Yes, a lot of agents ask for more inventory space and ready to pay for it, but no reaction.

    15$ (half of AAA game) just for badge for rechargers, you really think people are gonna be interested in this ?

  • Yes girl!!! 🙌🙌

    Thank you for this! I hope they will hear you and do something about it!!

  • Bummer that you didnt tell people that you will ask payment to enter the party, not cool nia. Not cool.

    It's clear that this will not stop at 15 hahahahah I also sense that you are planning to **** factions and because you cant expect free work for your pricey events. We ARE these factions. Lets see how will you keep up the hype.

    Cheers & ty Claudi

  • Fully agree.

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    Add my +1 to this letter. Everything that has happened with monetization in ingress over the past couple of months could have been done in a completely different way that would not have upset the already hyper small, and quickly dying playerbase.

  • I'm wondering how changes the responsibility of the volunteers who participating in the fullfillment. Just because the event is subject to charges.

  • Thank you for the comment Claudija, as someone who worked with Niantic and Local Ingress Agents on the Cassandra Prime Anomaly in Linz, Austria, I know first hand how much work and passion Ingress Agents put into those events. And that communication between Niantic and the community has a lot of room for improvement. I know how much work (&money) Niantic put into the Cassandra Prime Anomaly (actor, camera crew, location, etc.) in Linz and 15 Euros would have been a fair price in my opinion.

    I think the whole process of preparing for the anomaly is flawed, it has turned into a competition for community and that - in my view - also causes a lot of trouble and puts incredible pressure on local POCs and communities. Resistance and and Enlightend do not work together on a lot of areas that they could achieve much more, if they would work side by side. One example? - sharing information on GDPR issues (EU General Data Protection Regulation). GDPR Its a pain in the **** and to this day, I can't get my head around why both factions would rather spend hours and hours to get everything right by themself rather then working together on such an issue. I don't event want to go into Swag, or working with local sponsors...

    I observed as the Cassandra Aanomaly in Linz basicaly became three events - one organized by Niantic, one by the RES-Agends and one by the ENL Agents. Most of the amazing things the local community (RES and ENL) achieved where never asked for or expected by Niantic. Each faction had their own designed logo, swag, etc. Sure - those local thinks make the anomaly amazing, but at what cost? I think the pressure on local communities stems from the local community wanting to "give back" - not so much from pressure that Niantic puts on local communities.

    Reason 4 and 4.1 - I can only speak for the Linz Event - everything that Niantic organized - they oranized it through a paid local event agency. And everything officially organized by Niantic (and the local agency) was reported to the local authorieties and permissend. However - the local community organized events by themselfs and for those events - the local community was responsibly for making sure it was according to Austrian law.

  • Just one idea of many great ideas that could bring the desired revenue while keeping players happy:

  • +1

  • +1

  • POC/Orga for 4 anomalies, 3 mission days, and 1 portal luminance project here.

    I still look forward to one day growing this game again.I don't think the way this all happened was a positive step in that direction.

    And lately that's been what we have all seen - **** of player base by a thousand cuts: The poor quality of the Prime scanner that's been public for a year, the sudden store changes, increasingly unpopular "cooperative" challenges with quirky arbitrary rules, suddenly announced anomaly fees long after people have made travel plans for anomalies.

    But talking about Ingress isn't playing Ingress, so I'll see you all out on the playing field where our actions count.  Let's play the game while we still have it, making the playing field the way we want it.  It's time to move, agents.

  • I agree, +1!

  • Thanks for writing this Claudija

    As a FS Organizer I paid triple the amount for prices - so it is not about the amount but rather the way it gets communicated that really alienates me and others in your player base.


  • The future of anomalies? I don't know.

    Niantic could make much money with merchandising but. Where was/is it? *- insert Vincent Vega meme here -*

    Niantic doesn't need change to P2P anomalies, only offers more and better merchandising.

    (Abstenerse de comentar las fotos originales porfa 😂 Las he usado solo porque me venian al pelo para esto y las tenia frescas en la memoria 😉)

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    They should after so much comments just let this years anomalies be free to attend, and then next year make this change i dont understand why they just couldnt let it run the year thats left without any change and announce it later on before end of year instead.

    Also many probably will have a hard time putting out money when NIA wont even be present at any anomalies so again they need to offer more to their dedicated players and actually try to communicate a little better and give a better heads-up before they announce anything important out of the blue..

  • I expect that if you charge me a ticket yo play, I want security, medical assistance, and being organice by your employes. Ir you hoy offering that. YOU CAN'T EXPECT MONEY FROM ME.

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