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Statement to changed registration procedure (orga perspective)

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The following message is supported by the Res orga and ENL orga of the upcoming UMBRA Dresden anomaly.

Hello everyone,

We want to give you a short heads up on the stuff which was written this night. We, as players and orga, are shocked about the way Niantic handles their registration now. It wasn't announced in the NIA/POC slack and now lots of discussions are there. At the moment it's not fully clear what this move means for us. We need to clarify this the next days and we will come back to this topic afterwards. From our perspective we really dislike this move and we are a bit speechless. Our orga put a lot of free working time into this anomaly till now, so we hope that you will still come to our beautiful city.


Der folgende Post wird durch die Res Orga und der ENL Orga der kommenden UMBRA Dresden Anomalie getragen.


wir wollen euch kurz die aktuelle Situation nach der letzten Nacht zusammenfassen. Als Spieler und Orga sind wir schockiert, wie Niantic die Registrierung geändert hat. Das Ganze wurde nie im gemeinsamen Slack mit Niantic erwähnt und aktuell ist es nicht klar, was die Änderung für uns bedeuten. Wir werden es die nächsten Tage klären und später darauf zurück kommen. Uns macht das gerade sprachlos und wir finden die Art und Weise der Kommunikation vollkommen falsch. Unsere Orga hat bisher sehr viel kostenlose Arbeitszeit in diese Anomalie gesteckt, daher hoffen wir, dass ihr trotzdem in unsere wunderschöne Stadt kommt.


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    The actual price is 13€ plus service fee and taxes. Take some other examples. Watching a movie at the cinemaxx costs roughly 10€, even in Dresden, so yes, I think that is acceptable (in Germany). The average beer price in germany is 2,5€, so that equals to about 5 beers.

    I also wrote that players will expect additional value for the price.

    Feel free to not pay it and not participate.

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    I didn't check the other prices (before writing my comment), so I was thinking, that the prices differ dependent on the local currency and/or income (I saw a difference between Dresden and Göteborg). If not, that's a really bad pricing policy imho and should be fixed by NIA (or they live with the consequences of drastically reducing their player base).

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    13 Euro is not quite a big amount, yes. A stealth costs over 65, that's 5 times the price. Rare or very rare swag packs were also some tens of euros. But compare how hard the POCs have done to get themselves funded (like swag shops), what did they done, how much do they earn from selling an item, it's understandable that for Niantic it's too easy to "tax" everyone.

    Plus the weird "service fee", and that "players who do not pay may play, but scores may not be counted" policy, it's unfair and changing the game spirit. What if one faction wins the other in scores but loses finally because less guys were buying tickets? Does that make the winning more enjoyable?

  • For Stealth, GoRuck is Sending a Cadre over the flight and hotel needs to be covered. Niantic is currently not sending anyone over.

  • Please also have a look here:

    That's exactly what we want to say.

  • @abstractpainter good point. I was a poc for a helios anomaly city, and have devoted countless hours aiding and guiding orga for various sites since around the usa. firm believer that once a poc you should then become advisor for future anomalies and give someone else a chance for the next one.

    it is an unbelievable amount of hours, dedication and work to make it happen. work, time and investment niantic gets for free from players because we believed in a thing.

    if they had to pay a wage for it to the people who do it, it would not be financially viable. you are looking at a four digit number of volunteer hours invested by each poc for an anomaly site - and that does not include the rest of the orga team.

  • This is outrageous, and how many people who now have to pay to attend will also spend money on swag and stuff that actually supports the anomaly by supporting the POCs. Further, remember how hard it was to get anyone to recharge during when those badges were taken away. Does anyone think many will attend if they don't get a badge, and wnen they aren't really helping their faction? They should go back to swag packs, which at least were fair to everyone, or charge for decorative, unnecessary stuff like a special color for your icon, a fancy screen for your stats page, or things like that many would willingly play a few dollars (or more) for. don't agree with the other letter that said most people would be fine with the fee if they had enough notice, either.

  • Exactly. Lots of reasons not to like what Niantic is doing. Charging to be in a resource room takes the cake for dumbest idea. People are Already paying for that either in room or eat fees.

    Anomalies are already problematic. Now it is being made undesirable to either go to a resource room for your faction , let alone the travel expenses of an oot anomaly

  • Thanks for your efforts, res&enl orga teams, on organizing this anomaly! I hope both of you get your tickets for free! Everything else would be still a bad move from Niantic.

    If not I am gladly give the free tickets I will get now (from the Nia announcement earlier this day) to honor your voluntary work!

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