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I will NOT pay one cent for anomaly entrance ticket.

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Niantic events are not always free, I know that. I'm also not new to paid events: having joined OCF 1 time, GORUCK Stealth 3 times, NL1331 around 15 times, Mission Day 32 times, I know that the "free" game is not indeed free: paying for transportation, for meals, for accommodations, for official and nonofficial swags, etc.

But not for a non-free anomaly ticket without free option.

I pay for what I think it's worthy to be charged. I pay when I think the charging policy is fair. I pay for Mission Day Swag because the orgas have volunteered much time for our players. I pay for NL1331 swags because they are not-so-common souvenirs that I would like to collect some. I pay for GORUCK Stealth because that's what the game and GORUCK worth, I pay for OCF because that's a small donation required and I accept.

And I even paid for anomaly swags, because they are -- even if I think a bit overpriced -- collectible for a special event that brings me beautiful remembrance.

What kind of remembrance? The battle, the win and loses. To cooperate with team leads. To be team leads and train yourself to be responsible as part of a faction. To know a new city and getting around with all strange things. To get together with old and new friends all over the continent and have fun! That's the joy of joining an anomaly that attracts me. And for that I would also like to add a few priced things, so that long after the anomaly is over, still something in my drawer will remember me that precious friendship.

And now things are completely upside down. We don't join anomalies for that in-app badges, we come for ourselves. And an entrance ticket with price blocks our friends who are just coming outside the game, and ruins that experience. And just compare how hard the orgas have volunteered on the preparations without being paid, how they strive to collect necessary fund for everything to happen, does not anyone think it's tasteless to harvest from such a user base whilst Niantic itself having already found lots of other means of earning money?

I will not, and NEVER, pay one cent to that entrance ticket. I would rather give that money to a Ruck-the-Box or OCF, even having already bought a stealth ticket, but NEVER FOR AN ANOMALY ENTRANCE TICKET.


  • Patka07Patka07 ✭✭✭✭

    Let's players help their team, free ticket without badge, but every work and effort they will put into fight for their team should be counted.

  • But I will.

  • hvn04I3hvn04I3 ✭✭
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    Well said. The badges are becoming uglier each time. Not worth the money.

  • grendelwulfgrendelwulf ✭✭✭✭✭


  • I always buy the VR pack, sometimes multiple copies if I like the logo.

    Niantic can have my $15 instead now.

  • Just think about school leavers and students who are playing Ingress In low budget. I am representing south asian community and i am more familiar with those issues. Number of times we have supported on their financial requirements to traveling, accommodation and foods for participant to many ingress events. We will do in future but as a community we don’t have a capacity to support them in that way. On other hand everyone don’t have Credit Cards or Debit Cards with facility to pay online transactions

    Yes, there are should be paid tickets but it is unfair to force them to pay for participant medal saying it is awarded due to contribution during the Anomaly Period 👎 as well as their scores not count for the Anomaly Scores , it is totally unfair.

    Ingress no more free 👎

  • ( Reply To SiddharthSL )

    And after reading your text, my feels be like...

    have you see the Ingress anime released last year? The agent in your portrait and his resistance friend came over somewhere like in the middle east and was helped by the local community, so they could continue their fight against dark XM...

    That's the world we are in. If Ingress still finds itself a game with user base all over the world, then they should have given everyone a fair chance to participate. They can still earn money from those willing to pay, but those who could afford only less, shall never be discouraged to join this game.

    I remember what John Hanke said in an interview: "We’re trying to get people out of their computers and out into the world playing games, but also appreciating what’s out there and talking to one another."

    I hope Niantic is still holding that value. And to Niantic, "people" should not mean only a few rich nobles , but all players that have been in support during the past few years.

  • "Don't be evil" was a phrase used in Google's corporate code of conduct, which it also formerly preceded as a motto.

    Need to change to "Don't be Niantic"

  • Let's hope they (NIA) will come up with some good points and reasonable changes

  • dadapanda

    News scanner, new community.

    This is not the ingress I have knew.

    Agree, same with original ingress and prime.

    Afaik, niantic does't not want to keep old players, he want more new, for micropayments.

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