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I hope Niantic share about changelog for new update of Prime here. I know Niantic do it on reddit. I think we need new category on home only for new version of Prime.



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    In the coming days, you will receive an update to the Ingress Prime Scanner.

    Ingress Prime

    Release Notes

    v. 2.23

    For 2.23.1:

       Bug: Fixed an issue with Ingress displaying a black screen after logging in on certain iOS devices.

       Bug: Fixed a visual issue with the way neutral Portals are displayed

       Bug: Fixed an issue related to the way Portal submissions are counting and being deducted

       Bug: Additional fixes for issues with the new Agent tutorial

       Bug: Fixed an issue where touch feedback was not controllable in the Settings menu

       Bug: Fixed an issue where the map would rotate in the Attack menu with dynamic compass off

       Bug: Fixed an issue with the missions button animation getting stuck animating on the portal interaction screen

       Bug: Fix for Resonator spawning issue

       Bug: Fixed an issue where the Mod slot UI may not appear after a Remote View

       Bug: Updated the list of Android devices to display higher resolution visuals instead of the low resolution ones for devices with hardware that can’t support them

       UX: Set Missions details scrollbar and regional top Agents scrollbar to auto-hide

       UX: Improved the speed of opening and closing the Portal details screen

       UX: Linking improvements

       UX: Updated visuals for Terms of Service and Privacy Policy screens


       Compass improvements

       Improvements to map readability in sunlight

       Overall app stability

       Portal Edits & Reporting

       Continued bug fixes and parity

    I hope Niantic share it here to not only on reddit


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    It is our plan to post them here and migrate things from the feedback subreddit.

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