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NIA, Please Consider This.

LangeTheFlipperLangeTheFlipper ✭✭✭
edited September 2019 in General

Niantic, before you make another potentially bad move in regards to Monetary gain for Ingress, consider this.

*An (OPTIONAL) Subscription Fee*

Yes, that's right, a Subscription Fee.

Hear me out for a second:

A lot of players are over the decisions being made to make Ingress profitable. Look, we all get it, Niantic is a massive company now and you guys need to remain profitable, I understand, a lot of us do, but the decisions being made regarding price hikes and charging for anomaly attendance right now is pushing people away from playing.

A subscription fee would be a great Re-occuring source of revenue for Ingress and would ease the pain of having to identify an appropriate income source.

How much should you charge for this? I say somewhere between $5USD - $10USD a month. Either give us no reward, or give us some sort of badge for funding the game we love.

Again, make this OPTIONAL, because even if not all players choose to subscribe to funding the game, that's still more money for you guys every month and less decisions that rub us dedicated agents the wrong way.

Take the money you receive from us who subscribe and polish Ingress, make sure the events are great, and maybe slightly lower prices in the store for other Agents, so that they can splurge on Frackers and FS Packs.

So, PLEASE, PRETTY PLEEEEASE, consider this? :)


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