No free participation in Umbra anomalies

Dear Niantic,

Do you really think it is acceptable to announce that only paid tickets get the rewards only 4 weeks out from the event?

I get that you need to make money but it's a bit scummy to do this now with only weeks to go. It would have been acceptable for the next series if announced well in advance.



  • TheFarixTheFarix ✭✭✭✭✭

    Wasn't there a tonne of complaining about off-site participation effecting the outcome during the the last Anomaly? This could be Ninatic's attempt to curb that a bit.

  • but then onsite should not be penalized

  • 17.85 Euro. includes tax,, service fee...

  • I'll say it's a great way to lessen the server load with decreasing players. great solution

    and now it's onto which side has more money to spend. forget the effort and struggles of trying to score on rules that one can predict the winning faction thru the number of participants on each side...

  • Anomalies are a number game.

    number of zeros in your account

    well that remained stagnant

  • If we cannot solve the problem, how about we just solve the reason, which raised the problem? 😂 Outstanding move!

  • Out of curiosity, you don't happen to bring on board someone from mycom's Armored Warfare team or EA, do you? "Cos it feels like I'm living a deja vu right now.

  • daiskehdaiskeh ✭✭
    edited September 2019

    Normally the system should be delivered in real time.

    No way, Impossible Absolutely.😜

  • daiskehdaiskeh ✭✭
    edited September 2019

    We'll cooperate.

    Hope Ingress continue on.

  • I wouldn't mind to pay if NIA books a venue with good PA system, nice decor, after party like what Primary anomaly sites used to be.

    There should be some explanation for charging this price!

    I don't know the ticket price for Pokemon Go and Wizard Unite events, but with the setup and atmosphere of the event, it's OK to charge an entry fee

    The latest physical merchandise is just so lame... At least put the cities and dates on the T-shirts

    I wish we can see the old very rare, rare and common packs for us to buy, and players do buy them.

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