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There are many problems for polish localization:

1) Polish translation in many places (buttons etc.) is in UPPER CASE for no reason, while in english version only the first letter is upper case. This causes the text to be to big for the button background or mess up the UI

2) Some translations are too long for the button background

"POLECENIE ZAAKCEPTOWANE" can be changed to "Zaakceptowane" and then it should fit the button

"WYKONAJ PONOWNIE" can be changed to "Popraw" so that it would fit the button and the translation would still be appropriate

3) Remove the "wym. :" (short for required) string that is in the back of the required medals as it is hard to see the numbers.

4) The translation is not correct after picking up the item

it should say "Podniesiono przedmiot"

5) The translation is incomplete in the main menus

Events = Wydarzenia

Scores = Wyniki

Inventory = Ekwipunek

Manage = Zarządzaj



    1. ”Dane portalu” would be understandable for the speaker of Polish instead of „Modyfikuj ten portal portalu” which is totally wrong.
    2. ”Przesłane informacje zostaną sprawdzone przed publikacją” instead of „Twoje informacje zostaną sprawdzone przed ich opublikowaniem”
    3. ”ZGŁOŚ NIEPAWIDŁOWOŚĆ” instead of „ZGŁOŚ NIEPRAWIDŁOWY” - incorrect style in Polish.
  • „Podniesiono” instead of „Podniesiono przedmiot” would be even shorter and yet understandable for a Polish agent I believe.

  • „KANAŁ POLECEŃ OTWARTY” could be shortened to „KANAŁ POLECEŃ” If you’ve learned about glyph hacking you already know what „kanał poleceń” means in Polish.

  • In nomination screen - "Pomoc" instead of "Wskazó" which is truncated by the way.

    "Transmuter ITO EN (-)" instead of "ITO EN Transmuter (-)" - the same applies to transmuter (+)

    "Chłodnica" or "Chłodnica portalu" instead of "Heat Sink"

    In agent avatar screen: "Zapisz" instead of "Save" and "Anuluj" instead of "Cancel"

    1. "Do 16 wym:" Instead of "POZIOM 16 - wym:"
    2. "- życiowe AP" instead of "AP od początku"

    In loading screen: "Bądź czujny i szanuj swoje otoczenie" instead of "Zawsze pozostawaj czujny i pamiętaj o swoim otoczeniu".

    "Kostka energii xm" or "Kostka energii" instead of "Sześcian"

    ... to be continued.

  • Revision 1

    In loading screen: "Bądź ostrożny i szanuj swoje otoczenie” instead of my original suggestion.

  • Oh, I must have confused the threads. I thought I was addressing my suggestions to the game developers. My bad.

  • I’ve just been nominated to be one it seems. Kudos to me.

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    "Amplifikator" instead of "Link Amp" which would further reduce the incoherence in translated and untranslated game items and captions.

    I also like "Mnożlink" for "Link Amp", a neologism in Polish and a clever coinage that a fellow agent suggested. It seems to be a clever pun on Polish words: "mnożnik" (multiplier) and English "link" ("połączenie" in Polish).

    Hence "Mnożlink SoftBank," which only furthers the play on words by hinting at multiplying, thus earning money (the sponsor) and communication possibilities, or "Amplifikator SoftBank" to keep the Polish localisation consistent.

    ... to be continued.

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  • If the alerts tab is personalized then “Twój portal” phrase is not neccessary in each separate alert and it can help save space if needed. Thus “Zaatakowany przez ... instead of “Twój portal zaatakowany przez ...” and “Zneutralizowany przez...” instead of “Twój portal zneutralizowany przez...”

  • “jednostki Chaotic Matter” is inconsistent both stylistically and with the acronym “CMU”. Either translate everything or leave the original. “Chaotic Matter Units” can be translated as “jednostki chaotycznej materii” and “CMU” into “JCM”

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    1. ”Pokaż okolicę” instead of “Pokaż okolice” - a mistype that may confuse the agent as „okolice” is plural in Polish and it means „areas”.
    2. ”dla grupy agentów” instead of „i zmieści się w niej grupa agentów” which is stylistically clumsy in Polish.

    1. "ponad limit" instead of "poza limitem" - the collocation "poza limitem" is less common.
    2. "PAKIET BLOKAD KLUCZA" is totally incorrect. "Pakiet kluczokaps" or "Zestaw kapsuł na klucze" because "keylocker" can be "kapsuła na klucze" in Polish. "Kluczokapsa" hence "kluczokaps" in plural, which is a coinage invented by Polish players of the game and it is quite adequate. Please retain translation consistency and use "kluczokapsa" for a single item and "Pakiet kluczokaps" or "Kapsuła na klucze" for single and "Zestaw kapsuł na klucze" for a bundle of them.
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