Why are banners sometimes so hard to get NIA to accept the whole thing?

thundercracker1thundercracker1 ✭✭✭
edited September 2019 in Ingress Community Feedback

Whenever I submit a banner through the mission authoring tool I do it knowing that if all criteria are met then most of the missions will be accepted, but always know in the pit of my stomach that 1 or 2 will be rejected massively holding up the process of creating a banner for an event or even missing the event window completely.

Is there anything that @niantic #NIA would suggest can be done to group them together in review?

It's highly frustrating that something this simple prevents people in the community from organising more local events or gatherings.

It's nice to have a specific aim when meeting up for a social :(

Anyway, thanks for your time NIA, I hope someone from the team see this and replies.


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