What's the story behind an In Game Name?



  • X0chitlX0chitl ✭✭

    It’s actually Dutch! ‘Van de nacht’ means ‘of the night’.

    According to Google Translate, in Hungarian lord of the night would be ‘éjszaka ura’.

  • Mine is a name I came up with as a personal online handle when I wanted to be an Elite **** Mode Hacker or whatever

    But liked the name and gave it to a d&d character of mine and kept it to use online cause its really unique

  • On 2001, I was a young struggling 'adult actor' who came across hard times.

    Possessing only a motorcycle, harmonica, and a dream, I set off to change the world. But the clutch slipped out of my and and I Biffed on my bike. Thankfully, only a mirror loss and minor body damage.

    But Cyclebiff was born...

  • I'm a Dutchy and my friends call me Dree (short for André (as if André is long, but, you know)). Hence DutchDree

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