15 Sept Field Test: can i change participation location

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I registered to participate in the field test event this weekend for my local spot then found out I need to travel the weekend of the event; luckily there is a site where I'm going! Can I change my location? I can't register again :(


  • Did you ever get a response about this from Niantic?

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    I'm not the OP, but I ran into this same issue when I signed up for a Field Test site. I changed my mind about where I wish to attend the event, but the event ticketing accessed through the scanner offered me no option to cancel, and I was also unable to sign up for another site. I contacted Niantic support regarding the issue, here are their responses.

    I've registered for an upcoming Field Test event, but I changed my mind about the site I wish to attend at. The event registration page does not offer an option to cancel or change my sign-up.

    Hello Agent,

    Thank you for contacting Ingress Support.

    I understand that you wish to cancel the Field Trip Event which you have registered.

    Once you have registered for the Field Trip Event, there is no option to cancel the registration. Unfortunately, we won't be able to cancel the registration manually from our end as well. If you are referring to attend the Field Trip at a different location, you can go ahead and register for that particular location.

    We wish you good luck while you attend more Ingress Events in the future. Feel free to contact us for any further assistance.

    This response was prompting me to do something that was impossible - signing up for attendance at another site. This customer service provider also hilariously used the name "Field Trip" (I am aware of the fact that this is another, now retired Niantic IP). I sent support another message, and this is what they came up with the second time around. I also attached screenshots to highlight my point.

    I have registered for an upcoming Field Test event, but I've decided to attend at a different site than the one that I originally registered for. There is no way for me to register to another site, and in my previous support message, I was informed that it is not possible to cancel my current sign-up. Attached are the views of the event page when I click the Events-button in the Ingress Prime app.

    As evidenced by the pictures, I have no way of signing up for another Field Test event, even though I was advised to do so in order to attend at the other site.

    Hello Agent,

    Thank you for contacting Ingress Support.

    We're sorry for the miscommunication. 

    We appreciate your interest in the events conducted by Ingress. We get your point and seems like you would like to register for a different location. Currently, we are unable to make any changes manually from our end. Once you have registered for the Field Test Event, there is no option to cancel the registration. 

    However, stay tuned to our upcoming Ingress Field Test events in our official social pages and our Ingress Community forum.

    Please let us know if there's anything else we can help with.

    In a nutshell, no, at this time, there is nothing to be done about this. The same applies to upcoming anomalies: once you have signed up for a site, you will be unable to cancel or sign up for another event taking place during the same anomaly weekend.

  • i never got one, no... but guessing i'd get what merilyan got.


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