2.31.2 Glyphing Feedback

I love that Niantic got rid of the 321 countdown on the glyphing screen.

I'm curious why in the glyph sequence display the glyph lines were changed to some odd flashing lightning sort of effect instead of just the solid lines they were previously? The flashing/lightning effect is incredibly distracting and seems to be giving me headaches. Can this please be rethought or an option to disable the effect?

So far loving most of the changes introduced in 2.31, but flashing effects are always a step backwards in my books.


  • SonicgottSonicgott ✭✭✭✭

    Maybe a quick fade in-out instead of a flash would be better?

  • I actually miss the 3 flashes that happened in Redacted, I got used to the 3, 2, 1 at the top and now that it's gone, I'm not sure when to start doing the glyphs. Visually there seems to be a push by Niantic to make things sparkle and flash and it's not being considerate of people who have optical or mental issues with flashy stuff. Redacted was much easier on the eyes. It's fine to update graphics with higher resolution but does it need to pop out of the screen at me with flashing and sparkling? I agree with OP that Niantic needs to give us the option to turn off the flashy/sparkly stuff.

  • I like the update, but the new wobbly line texture was very distracting at first.

    I got used to it but the first few glyph hacks were horrible.

  • It took me a year to learn all the glyphs, and I got fairly good at it. Prime is terrible, compared to what you now call redacted. And although I don’t have nausea issues, many of my fellow veteran agents do. So much so, we are losing them. I am super unhappy with pausing, crashing, slow start up, and overall glyphing performance in Prime. It feels oddly foreign and clunky. Why does have to be so different? Last thing for now is battery drain. It’s awful!!

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