Invalid portal appeal so I've asked to remove the portal from the school because I am sure it violates the criteria. But my appeals were declined twicely. So I ask if somebody knows, why Niantic declined my appeals? probably I am wrong and portals on the school building are good and violate nothing.


  • I've asked to reinstall the portal, It's possible I'm misbelieved.

  • It happened the same with me. I had reported several times a portal (misplaced and in school) and they refuse to delete a portal. I will try again and last time, because it is not fear that portal still exists.

  • Yeah, this happens... I reported a portal for removal that was at an Army Munitions Plant and when I tried to reach it was met with **** guards telling me it was trespassing if I continued to attempt to play on the grounds. Niantic denied the removal request twice then about 6 months later removed the portal.

    Suggest that if the portal is on the grounds of a Pre-K -12 school you report the portal to school administrators and have them email niantic directly to have the portal/pokestop removed from school grounds. If it is on the grounds of a college then it would be allowed.

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