Prime performance issues during September FS

Hi all,

We organised an IFS last weekend and during check-in at the end of the event we were swamped by complaints of people who had been doing banner missions on Prime and but had trouble completing them because of very poor performance of Prime. Even from players who regularly use Prime with no trouble experienced this. We also received similar reports from the other FS around the country (NL) who happened to be running the same schedule as we were (13:00-15:00 CEST FS event).

I've been searching the forums here and found one complaint from the UK too, but otherwise not much else.

So I was wondering, did we just have bad luck to have performance issues during that period or is there some larger issue hiding here? Many of the agents had switched to Prime during this FS to get used to it before the cut-off at the end of the month but those who could reverted back to Redacted because of this and then had very few problems.

Anybody else share this experience of Prime performance issues but not on redacted during the more popular IFS time windows and maybe more importantly, does Niantic know about it?



  • NineBerryNineBerry ✭✭✭✭✭
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    We have seen the same issue in Göppingen Germany. For certain time frames and at certain locations within the city, Prime became very slow while Redacted worked without problems.

    Besides the FS, that day, there was a festival in Göppingen with many more people present than usually in that small city and the problems happened exactly only in the city center where the festivities happened, so I assumed it had something to do with that.

    After the FS I played a mission banner with Prime which started further away in a neighboring place. Then again, as soon as I entered the city centre with the festivities, prime stopped working and I had to switch to Redacted. Upon leaving the city centre, Prime worked again.

    All other application on my phone (Browers, Telegram, etc) were not affected.

    This is really strange because I hadn't seen such a behaviour in Prime any time before. According to my experience, when Prime is slow because you are in a low signal area, the browser and Redacted will also be affected at least a little bit.

    I have played using Prime at 6 other First Saturdays this year, many times also playing mission banners and not had that problem before.

  • Mark0eZMark0eZ ✭✭
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    Can confirm, we were at that FS.

    I started on prime but started having issues after about 20 minutes. Restarts of the client sometimes fixed it a short while, but it also happened that the playing field still showed up with details missing affter restart, most importantly the mission targets. After switching back to redacted, all issues vanished, and not a single restart needed anymore during the rest off the event.

    My friend was not so lucky, since he recently started and did not have the option of switching to redacted (there was a cutoff a while back apparently) and had the exact same issues, on a different phone brand and carrier. At some point we were stuck at a single portal for well over 15 minutes, him not being able to hack/complete the objective. This happened several times during the banner in varying severity, resulting in us not finishing the planned walk purely due to technical issues.

    I seriously hope these issues get fixed before Redacted stops working altogether...

  • 3 of us had problems with prime. Hacks did not complete so we could not go on with the banner and had to restart again and again. Sometimes we did not see the portals in the scanner. Redacted did not have these problems.

  • Multiple lock-ups happened during the most recent FS, Sept 2019

    • When spamming FIRE with XMP, after several rounds the pulse would just hang in the air above the avatar. The pulse remained in place when the avatar moved. Exiting the FIRE screen had no affect. Could no longer fire weapons.
    • Exited Prime to fix above. Upon reload, the Niantic load screen appeared, disappeared and then only a dark, blank screen. No map, No UI, nothing. Restart 2 more times with the same result
    • 3rd restart: got the map back, but no portals, no XM meter, no activities monitor, no UI widgets. Had to wait about 20 minutes for the scanner to be fully functional again.

    Device: Samsung Note 8

    OS: Android 8

    App Version: 2.30.2

  • And more or less the same during the field test today :(

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