Gravestones and cemetery

Well, I know some candidates are technicly allowed, but it feels weird to accept ANY CANDIDATE on a cemetery or graveyard. Thatswhy I reject them all.

Imagine just losing someone you loved and you are moarning there and some Ingress players are farming (Or PoGo players taking down a raid). Some players can get load and all. I think this would be really, really frustrating.

I really really think there should be a rule against portal candidates on graveyards. I won't accept them, I just can't!


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    Congratz on admitting that you don't follow OPR guideleines.

  • Cemetaries contain some exceptional art, architecture, and history... often, mostly in the older parts of the cemetary, where nobody with a recent loss goes.

    Imagine someone who thinks players can't be respectful anywhere they go.

    Imagine being the working poor, and having to mourn your loss while working at Starbucks with all those pogo players everywhere.

  • doesnt matter what you think, like or prefer, is what guidelines say

    besides, cementeries are good places to spot spoofers because almost nobody will be at 12 am making fields inside a cementery

  • Just because "you" behave, doesn't mean everyone does. I know people who were serious troubled and hurt by this. I won't be a part in this in accepting more in. This could also lure another lawsuite in, in the near future, so rather not please.

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    Cemeteries often contain.... churches, memorial crosses, war memorials and other sites of pilgrimage. Usage depends on the cemetery. Most people (ingressers or not) will respect any ongoing mourning.

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    Also some places around the world Cemeteries are used by many as a park.

    We have a very historic cemetery in Charlotte North Carolina. You go there to play all hours of the day safely. While you are there you will see joggers, people walking with their dogs, people throwing balls for their dogs, historical reenactments, and etc. The city is well aware of the uses of the are and have approved it as long as people remain respectful. (Picking up litter, not blocking the roads, clearing out during a funeral).

  • I understand your reasoning - but as it stands now they are not immediate 1* as by Niantic Guidelines. I would suggest you "skip" past a submission that is in a graveyard/ cemetery .

    And as for your concerns, - you probably can find many pages in this Forum under other topics where you could discuss why the current criteria should be changed.

    Good Luck!

  • Some good advice! Sadly I don't have that many skips. Germany is very good in sending graves. I'm still exploring the forum, didn't know there was another place than OPR to discus the guidelines.

  • In a lot of (local) cemetaries they stil have 50yr old signs with "rules" about how to behave. They have not needed updating for that long, and even if geolocation games are new, I do believe they fall under "do not play". Seems logical that Niantic rules correlate.

  • Graveyards are very different culturally based on where you live, so be aware that what irks you may be completely normal to somebody else (like eating dogs - you squirm?).

    Use your best judgement, but don't be biased from your own perspective. That said, cemeteries are under the general reject category "REJECT unless the cemetery is historical or has special significance in the community (see guidelines for gravestones/markers)," so if the reason to be approved isn't solid I'd reject cemeteries too.

    Gravestones are spelled out "REJECT unless the gravestone belongs to a famous/historic person or notable member of the local community and is more than 50 years old and community norms for use of the cemetery are open to historic visits and other uses." So unless it's pretty spectacular it SHOULD be hard to get through.

  • Most gravestones cannot qualify under OPR rules, and those that do are unlikely to have mourners who would find the presence of other people odd.

    Cemetaries by themselves also are often not eligible, unless they meet additional criteria.

    That said, there are things in cemetaries, sometimes even individual graves, which are definitely worthy of submission: graveyards contain many examples of historical importance, great artistry, tourist destinations, even areas that encourage outdoor exercise and hyperlocal restaurants. Maybe not your deal. But consider:

    The ENTIRE TAJ MAHAL is a single grave marker, with historical records to conclusively prove this fact.

    Pyramids too, although their original purpose is slightly more open to debate, were used as grave marker.

    Many grave yards contain churches, chapels, synagogues, mosques... and a lot of the religious structure options I cannot pronounce are designed to hold the dead.

    Many churches are also grave yards. Not just outside, but inside too. Catholic cathedrals, the Spanish missions in America, even Westminster Abbey, have corpses buried inside, under the pulpit, under the altar, even beneath some pews.

    Religious buildings, even those surrounded by, or filled with the dead are often automatic 5 star submissions.

    Forest lawn cemetaries give tours of their artistic reconstructions, some of which are not grave markers, and some of which are.

    Hollywood forever cemetary is a famous tourist destination, as are several of their graves.

    Most cemetaries are quiet places where walking without looking up much, or driving at slow speeds are accepted, and are relatively safe compared to many other portal-dense areas.

    Much of ingress relies on deployment of "anchor" portals in areas of limited access, where other agents are unlikely to attack immediately. Many grave yards have posted hours, well-respected social conventions, and sometimes also security guards to enforce limited access at night.

    Where I play, there are two cemetaries. One has a lot of history, and almost no visitors. The other has dozens of people hosting full-on picnics every day of the week on top of the graves, with kids playing volleyball and badminton. I'm pretty sure a few folks walking around with phones will not disturb the mourners.

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    Above quote makes sense, but is not what happens. Things like "the big cross" of the graveyard, little moarn houses, or graves from local mayors, writers etc are submitted and accepted.

    Seems also that Graveyards in the US are very different than in Europe. These are small and despite accessable to the public, it's not like park you walk trough. All people coming there are there for their loved ones and nothing else.

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