Just For Fun: If you were a nemesis villain, what would your name and challenge be?



  • Chromo

    Make a field that embacres the opponents portals. Each fully deploeyd portal of the opponents Within the field counts one point. However there can only be scored a Maximum of 10 points pr field made.

    Bronze badge: 100 point

    Silver Badge: 500 point

    Gold badge: 2000 point

    totally goal is to contain 10.000.000 fully deploeyd portals under the event. The same portal(s) can however count multipel times if more fields are made over the same portal(s).

    If goal is achieved Every agent with at least the bronze badge Will get double AP from fields made in the following week. And there Will be a slightly increase in droprate on keys.

    If the goal is not accomplished the entire droprate on items will decrease.

  • Name :Garamond

    Challenge: xf Links (XF Fields would be a combo Blue and Green)

    During the challenge window, all portals will be able to be linked regardless of faction. - Provided they have 8 resonators and not links would block.

    Bronze: 250 - XF Links

    Silver: 500 - XF Links

    Gold: 1000 - XF Links

    Reward for Global Goal of say 1Billion KMs in XF Link Distance. (I'm sure niantic have the number for the average link lengths over a week)

    Portal Keys will be hacked more frequently when using the More Command Glyph & 1x Jarvis & ADA will be a guaranteed Hack for your first successful Level 8 Portal - Complex Glyph Sequence - each calendar day for a 7 day window.


    All existing Portals will be Taken over by the Garamond (Purple Faction) and All Links/Fields Globally will be destroyed. - These Portals will not deteriorate and cannot be have Jarvis or ADA used on them.

    Additionally All Agents will be reduced to only being able to deploy 1 resonator of each type L2 and Above.

  • RostwoldRostwold ✭✭✭✭✭

    Villain Name: Zapf Dingbats (why did I not notice this is an excellent villain name before?)

    Challenge: Glyph Hacking - complete as many different Glyphs as you can in any 24 hour period

    personal badge stats

    bronze: 30

    Silver: 60

    Gold: 120

  • Courier New

    Challenge: Recharge distant portals. For each unique portal recharged, the distance in km when first recharged is recorded.

    Personal badge levels

    Bronze: 1,000 portal-km

    Silver: 10,000 portal-km

    Gold: 30,000 portal-km

    Global challenge: total of 66,550,000 portal-km across all agents.

  • jsylvisjsylvis ✭✭✭✭

    Villain Name: Avaritia

    Challenge: Participate in XM anomalies, paying for participation.

    Bronze: $1,000 spent

    Silver: $2,500 spent

    Gold: $10,000 spent

    Global challenge: Login screen is updated such that one must pay daily for app access. Ingress Prime must maintain 1,000,000 active players for 15 days.

    As a reward for success, you may repeat the challenge next month.

    As a punishment for failure, prices double.

  • Villain name: Candara

    Individual challenge: Largest field thrown during the event.

    Bronze: 5,000 MU

    Silver: Top 10%

    Gold: Top 1%

    Global challenge: total links thrown during challenge / total fields thrown during challenge < 1.5

  • LandelerenLandeleren ✭✭
    edited September 2019

    I got the idea from watching Helvetica, but...

    Name: Daedalus

    Story: For ages, a protective artifact called the lucent Shield has protected earth from powerful forces. For eons, I have been one of the agents slowly undermining the power of this artifact. Recently, I gave that final push that's managed to shatter the shield completely. As such, I have attained unrestricted access to all the portals over earth and am slowly corrupting them to further my own ends.

    The lucent shield needs to be reconstructed to block my access to the world. I must be stopped before I succeed in my goal.

    (Note that even with the shield reconstructed, it took eons for it to fail, and will take eons for it to recover fully, so it will not affect things in the short term. Further, the Nazeer and Shapers recognize the danger and are helping reconstruct the lucent shield, so if the shield is not sufficiently reconstructed, they will finish the job by the time any negative outcome fades. But, this will cause in a reduction in payouts at portals around the world.)

    Challenge: There would be a number of artifacts scattered around the world. Agents would be able to pick them up just like dropped items. These are the pieces of the lucent shield. Agents will need to collect these pieces and bring them to physical locations (special portals) In the world to reconstruct the shield before time ends.

    Pieces can only be transported by carrying them in the scanner or by dropping them for someone else to pick up. All pieces will "fall into place" and disappear from an agent's scanner when the agent holding them hacks the required portal.

    Outcomes: (bonuses and penalties last for a short time)

    Super Mega Epic Fail - Shield is 0% to 5% assembled - Item Rarity -2, Item Payouts reduced by ((6 - [percentage_complete]) * 10)%

    Epic Failure - Shield is 6% to 20% assembled - Item Rarity -2

    Failure - Shield is 21% to 40% assembled - Item Rarity -1

    Stalemate - Shield is 41% to 60% assembled - No bonus or penalty

    Success - Shield is 61% to 80% assembled - Item Rarity +1

    Epic Success - Shield is 81 to 94% assembled - Item Rarity +2

    Super Mega Epic Success - Shield is 95% to 100% assembled - Item Rarity +2, Item Payouts increased by (([percentage_complete] - 94) * 20)%

    Item rarity would affect portal mods, like shields and link amps. As an example, A +1 to item rarity means that if a common portal shield would drop, an uncommon portal shield would drop instead. Similarly, a -1 means that if an uncommon portal shield would drop, then a common portal shield will drop instead. If an item's rarity is reduced to 0 or below, then it will not drop.

    If item rarity is +1 or +2 and something valuable drops, like an banksoft link amp, then that rare item will drop and another portal mod will drop too.

  • Blackout

    Capture All Portals before a set date / time

    Personal achievements:

    Bronze: 100

    Silver: 250

    Gold: 750

    Global Objective:

    Any portal that is grey by the end of the timer and was not attacked and left grey in the past 7 days before the timer ran out is removed from the game.

  • The problem with that is that there are many portals that are only intermittently or seasonally available, and you'd lose a lot of portals that are in remote or inconvenient locations (which are often the most strategically important for fielding).

  • Better keep these fully recharged then.

    But it could be an evil nemesis goal and a oppertunity to bring back the seer medal

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