LayerCake : IVIE sitrep Vancouver Island, Canada


Background: As the summer drew to a close we realised two things. First, we hadn’t thrown a nice green BAF over Victoria for a few months. And, second, there were a bunch of new, active players who had joined over the summer and many lacked illuminator badges. So OP TIME!

Stats and Figures:

Date of Original throw:  Sept 1, 2019

Over 7.2 million mu total hit checkpoints over two cycles.

Largest mu score was at checkpoint 1 with 2,212,949 mu and 17 layers

Fields thrown in complete or partial form after smurf takedowns:  7 times 

Total layers throws: around 160 layers for over 20 million mu total.

Number of times the scoreboard was manipulated to spell WIN :Once

Total Badges obtained: One Onyx, Six Platinum, One Gold and 3 additional levels of Onyx

Full sitrep can be found here:


  • this was the op that just kept on giving. rethrow after rethrow! I went from onyx illuminator to onyx x3! love our island crew so much :)

  • best part is ... we threw this exact op on the same weekend last year :)

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