How accurate are portal nominations/submits

Been wondering when submiting or nominating portals how accurate is the location and what is the guideline for accuracy. I see in my country that the google satillie photos are tilted like its taken from south west above so you see that buildings are tilted. Intel map is the same drawing as the scanner map so location gets disrupted if scanner and intel draws the shades of buildings or not. Is this the reason why there are so many inaccurate portal locations?


  • There are always top-down satellite photos.

    When you zoom in, it will switch to tilted photos if they are available but there is a button (4 squares) to change between top-down and tilted.

    But that said, maps and imagery don't always line up perfectly with the real world.

    The best you can do is go by top-down satellite view.

  • This is what we have to deal with, cant make it a top viewe

  • This is how intel draws it

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