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TL;DR Niantic has changed the rules about the Bonus location, once you choose one it will be locked.

Some weeks ago I asked trough the support webiste how can I change my bonus location, because i want to help in other countries and I reviewed in the same country for more than a year. However the option is not available at this moment. According to the opr website, we can change the location once every 365 days.

Hereafter the answer they provided me today.

Hello Agent,

We understand that you want to know about the changing of Bonus location.

I want to let you know that once the bonus location has been set, it will not be changed. As communicated earlier, we will be not able to reset the bonus location from our end.

Once the Agent has selected the particular location as his bonus location for his account, it will not be changed. Also, each player will be able to set the bonus location only once to their respective account.

On the other hand, we are unable to provide additional information regarding the internal mechanism of the OPR and the bonus location process.

Thanks for your understanding. If you have any other questions, feel free to reach out to us.

Nevertheless in the OPR FAQ we can read the following:

Where should I set my hometown and bonus locations?

Hometown should be an area away from your active play location, such as where you grew up, went to school, or an area you know very well. You may also set an additional bonus location once per year.

@NianticBrian @NianticCasey @NianticScot could you confirm if the Bonus location is locked forever or could we change it once per year?

Suggestion : If bonus location is locked, could be possible to agents with onyx OPR medal to get more bonus locations ? And one more each 10k agreements (this is a very high threshold) ?



  • Did you respond to support with the screenshot? You're more likely to get a response through them then on the forums

  • I've had mine changed by support in the past.

  • OxiliumOxilium ✭✭✭

    Yes, three times. Always the same answer. Bonus location is locked abs and home location can be changed one time.

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    This is awful. Honestly. Terrible news to Niantic's volunteers.

    I've been working abroad from home country in the past years. I've my home location set at my home town and I set my bonus location to where I'm/will work for the next months/years. I, as others, thought we could change that when the time comes do it, per Niantic's official information... only to know now that is incorrect? What gives?!

    On the other hand, I feel there's a lack of proper communication and information given to OPR volunteers. As an example, if you are an active player and do OPR, your OPR queue will be filled by candidates around the place where your last hack was (this is tested!). I do frequent travels across Europe and I have set my home location in Western Portugal and Bonus Location in SW England. If I go to Spain, my queue will be 90% Spanish candidates, 5% Portugal, 5% England (I get Scotland, Wales, N Ireland and Ireland submissions, too!).

    If I knew beforehand how it would work (from official channels), I'd probably change my bonus location to some countries that struggle to have OPR reviewers - https://community.ingress.com/en/discussion/comment/26637/#Comment_26637

    I don't want to be stuck forever with a Bonus Location that in a reasonable time frame won't mean anything to me. It does not make sense. I can't see it as being a technical issue, too. Honestly, this is such a poor demonstration towards volunteers' work.

    I feel that Niantic should encourage the change of bonus locations to territories that struggle to have enough people doing OPR. That is the only way to grow their games and player base. I'd be delighted if they could develop something like Waze does. They organise Map Raids. During a specific time frame, Waze Editors are invited to map out countries that are out of their scope and draw roads and populate their maps with information. While some editing errors may occur, there will be usable information for the local community and they will be able to use the product!

    I can see this work for Niantic. Give reviewers the chance to change their bonus on a more reasonable amount of time. Be able to change their bonus from a 3-6 months period would have a massive impact on those territories. Just imagine.

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