When Ingress Battle Royale

To many updates and events and dont know how much but no battle royale?

Shame on you Niantic hahaha Listen this.

You close an area 10km or 5km in a circle. Everyone who is signed for event IBR Ingress Battle Royale will have 0 items only for the event and the portals will be reset to neutral for event only.

So you hack, get reso, deploy and so on. Randonly will drop capsules with items so you can get a little advantage from other players, at this point maybe dangerous to run and being hitted by car because of capsules with 1 reso lvl 1 hahahaha, at the time the circle will be more small until only get one portal in range. Players who inventory reachs 0, will "die".

Some point that you get will be hacks, captures, trekker, purifier.

Good idea to keep playing with Prime when Redacted will be executed.



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