When Ingress Battle Royale

To many updates and events and dont know how much but no battle royale?

Shame on you Niantic hahaha Listen this.

You close an area 10km or 5km in a circle. Everyone who is signed for event IBR Ingress Battle Royale will have 0 items only for the event and the portals will be reset to neutral for event only.

So you hack, get reso, deploy and so on. Randonly will drop capsules with items so you can get a little advantage from other players, at this point maybe dangerous to run and being hitted by car because of capsules with 1 reso lvl 1 hahahaha, at the time the circle will be more small until only get one portal in range. Players who inventory reachs 0, will "die".

Some point that you get will be hacks, captures, trekker, purifier.

Good idea to keep playing with Prime when Redacted will be executed.



  • No thanks, the very idea of reseting portals in a set area, even temporarily for an event like this, will miss up large scale ops, linking, and fielding for those who do not wish to partake in this event.

    Otherwise, your concept is interesting I suppose.

  • VAINVAIN ✭✭✭

    This sounds very similar to how the Agent Olympiad unfolded. Hopefully that format is brought back for the future but it only worked for the Olympiad as Niantic was able to restrict agents to a closed theme park, give everyone loaner scanners with accounts setup for the event.

  • grendelwulfgrendelwulf ✭✭✭✭

    Interesting. I didn't know that's how that worked.

  • I guess you intend to block attack notifications external to the event :D

    Not supporting this.

  • Would not the same reset of portals happen if there was another event like First Saturday, MD or Anomaly? I did not realize any events or playing had to take in to account panned large scale ops or any ops.

  • MaliciousWolfMaliciousWolf ✭✭✭
    edited September 10

    Portals are never hard reset, even for public and official events hosted by Niantic. In those cases, event organizers/volunteers usually take it upon themselves to "soft reset" the playing area. By this I mean, players of both factions go around and neutralize all portals, links, and fields about the playing area to give each faction a clean slate to start from. This does not prevent any rogue agents from going in and battling against these organizers and volunteers in keeping up whatever portals, links, or fields they want to stay up. It would be against the spirit of the game if someone's hard work could remotely be wiped because so and so wants to host an event there. If they want that portal or field down, they have to play the game by the rules like anyone else and take it down in person.

    There have been a handful of events in the past where one faction made it a point to cast a BAF over the entire event area hours before it was to begin just to miss with the event organizers and attendees.

    Only time I have heard of Niantic remotely reseting portals is in the event of a portal or field its found to have been destroyed or put up by a spoofer.

  • You don't seem to have been to anomalies for quite some time. There is a reset of all portals in the play zone at the start of an anomaly.

    In the last series, there was even the Darsana lenses which were used during the anomaly to reset enemy faction portals during the anomaly

  • I stand corrected then, odd they would do this, but okay.

  • Oh god no, please, no.

  • XK150XK150 ✭✭✭

    There are probably people who sign up for this if was an anomaly weekend event.

    Not me, but some people.

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