Will newer versions of Niantic games support HarmoryOS? And is the 40m thing only for the UST too?

Will never versions of Ingress and PoGo support HarmoryOS?

As the UST (United States of Trump) will and want to start a trade war with everyone in the world, so Google Play Store will soon lose many potencial players as well as your mobile games.

And when will we get a HarmonyOS version?

As far as i read the chances are minimal compared to Android, only a different compiler or something like that.

The other quest i had, is this **** that no new portals will be accepted and old ones will be removed 40 metres around houses for PoGo and Ingress? Or only PoGo? And will this crappy judgement only be used in the UST or in the EU too?

Anyways why do you have to do this anyways, why cant they go against the children who made the mistakes, in 6 years of Ingress no one had problems with these POIs and now with another game it is a problem? Is this the famous american law logic, where everything can bring you money no matter what crappy nonsense it is?


  • grendelwulfgrendelwulf ✭✭✭✭✭

    Pokestops within 40 meters of a single family household will only be removed at the homeowner's request. This is because of nuisance pogo players. If pogo players aren't a nuisance, the homeowner will never know and never request a removal.

  • Harmony OS is a good question for sure. We should all bug about it next AMA. On the plus side? Without regular Android, Huawei phones will sell like garbage outside China for many reasons. So the impact will likely be minimal.

    If they manage to get enough developer support to make it not a flop internationally, it's probably gonna happen then. But I don't expect it out the gate

  • XK150XK150 ✭✭✭✭

    I don't think any software company in America right now can answer this question right now, because nobody's sure the Trump administration won't try to ban U.S. companies from supporting Huawei phones.

  • The OS side interests me, simply because I'm a fan of honor handsets.

    As for them not selling much, many network branded handsets are just rebranded Huawei, so it's impact could be bigger than expected.

  • The P40 Pro will most likely come with HarmonyOS. If it will feature a very good camera like the P20 Pro and the P30 Pro before, it will get many customers to buy here in the EU.

  • Without the google play store, I just don't think it'll do it. A lot of people I know don't want to switch between iOS and Android just because they already have a good number of purchases on their current one. The switch to like android but no Google stuff probably just going not outweigh any hardware they can muster, especially with ARM cutting them off.

  • The playstore and associated apps can all be sideloaded - if I still worked in a mobile store I'd be teaching customers how to do this, and the associated risks.

    More tech savy people will already be aware, and possibly even relish the lower price points because the app store isn't included.

  • Portal locations were largely not a problem for Ingress because we didn't usually show up in large enough numbers to be a problem. PoGo, on the other hand, attracts larger crowds to a location for much longer periods of time. Combine that with the limited range at which you could interact with Pokemon during the early days of PoGo, and you ended up with a trespass nightmare.

  • You guys hopefully know that HarmonyOS only has a wrapper for Android apps and does not natively run them, so some system calls could not go through triggering the AntiCheatSystem in newer Niantic app versions.

    HarmonyOS is not based on Android but on Linux.

    So you are 100% sure that this will be the no problem and the apps will even work without the Google apps if they don't run on their system?

  • I wasn't, I haven't looked too much into it - my understanding was that it was based on open sourced android, not built from scratch.

    Not disbelieving you, but asking, do you have any links to decent resources to look into it further? Rather than me just blindly searching for it (there's been so much in the way of trashy articles it could take me a while)

  • The Wikipedia article on HarmonyOS gives you some good infos about it. But it refers to the OS as a microkernel, not based on Android. The german article has some different Infos as the english one, so it could be good to read them both if you understand the language.

  • I dont, but I'll give it and Google translate a go - thank you.

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