Found a fatal flaw in the OPR system that needs to be fixed.

kholman1kholman1 ✭✭✭✭

Just got a cooldown after doing two captchas. The only thing that triggered it? doing several votes in a row and the fact I vote on hundreds of portals a day. I fill in the what is it etc and don't vote down the line. The system is actually thinking agents are a DDOS attack and giving webpage error 403. When I get this after answering a captcha it basically is thinking I am ddos attacking the server.

@NianticCasey Can this be investigated why agents are getting a access denied page when voting. I do vote heavily and have 20000K plus agreements and I have been getting error 403 a lot lately when I have been getting a increase in agreement ratio so I am not voting out of line or spamming the same answers down the board. I think the system is thinking the same IP Address is trying to attack the system after hours of voting.

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